Cold Steel Vaquero Discontinued? Get it while you Can

hi, Fernando I know your a big fan of the Cold Steel Vaquero series, as am I,
I prefer the 4inch version. Recently they have been going up in
price, fearing they might be discontinued I went to the Cold Steel
website, and they have been removed from their voyager series page. If
your looking to get a 4inch Vaquero, im thinking now would be the
Thanks Ruben for the heads up. I just checked and I still see the Vaquero, although being one of their least popular models compared to the Clip Point and Tanto I wouldn’t be surprised if they discontinued it, like they did with the older Vaquero and El Hombre before that.  Cold Steel has so many models, it is not uncommon for them to drop models that aren’t very popular.
I checked on Amazon and at least for now the Voyager Vaquero XL which is my favorite one is on sale for $42.62. That’s a great price.


The Vaquero along with the Leatherman Charge Tti makes for a fantastic pocket carry combo. If you’re looking to treat yourself this Easter, both are great knives worth every buck.


A model I’ve had my eye on for some time (ok, I’ve been drooling all over it for months now) that is also selling for a good price right now is the Zero Tolerance0561. Scales are G-10 and titanium frame lock, the steel of the blade is ELMAX, a premium nitrogen powder steel considered one of the best knife steels money can buy. The design is Hinderer’s XM-18 and to Zero Tolerance quality. It doesn’t get better than that.


Talking about knives in general, for those interested in my pocket knife philosophy, watch this video.

Take care folks, and Happy Easter!!

Eating Healthy & Staying in Shape


An update on what’ve I’ve been eating and doing fitness wise and how it has been working for me so far. Not only is your body your most imporant tool, but also your health directly impacts both your chances of survival and quality of life. Remember that!

SD Sniffing Dogs in Argentine Borders



Drugs, explosives?  No, its US dollars what dogs in Argentina border controls are trained tosniff for.
This has been going on for some time, since the unofficial ban on foreign currencies was imposed. The main focus of attention was the check points between Argentina and Uruguay, mostly the popular ferry services between Buenos Aires and the neighboring country. This time it was the border with Chile, where a man was arrested for trying to get into the country with 98.000 USD in cash hidden under his clothes.
Now if you want to brutally attack a senior Americantourist in downtown Buenos Aires, that you can do without a problem and even if doing so in front of a police officer the worse that will happen is that you’ll have to lose 6 hours of your day making a statement, then its back to mugging people for you. Murdering, robbing or raping people is not the kind of thing the Argentine government is worried about stopping, but those rich pigs with USD, now those they quickly throw behind bars. If they are not politicians, that is.
That’s the ironic thing about the rule of law and the WROL myth. The fact is, during periods of tyranny, the law wont be there to protect you but it will be enforced when new rules to take away your freedom are created.

Survival Mom Radio Show Interview


Hey folks, here’s the link to the interview with Lisa Bedford, author of the book “Survival Mom”.

Take care people!



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