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I am a police officer(patrol and SWAT) in the United States. I have
read your book and followed your blog pretty closely and have been
impressed with your level of insight and levelheadedness. Every day,
more and more guys in my profession are quietly talking about what the
future is going to hold for us up here and there is a subdued but
growing interest among us in the survival movement.

Anyway, I know you are a big iphone fan, as am I, and I was wondering if
you had any favored iphone apps in relation to survival that you would
like to share with us. I didnt find any posts to this effect on your blog.

Please do not use any of my information whatsoever if you wind up
posting this.

Keep up the good fight and stay safe.

In liberty,


Hi J,
I find that the iphone already has an impressive number of features, Its quick, user friendly, and there’s a world of apps out there for it.
Before going into apps, what everyone with an iphone should do is get an Otter Box Defender case.
OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 4 (Black, Retail Packaging, Fits AT&T iPhone)
I can’t remember how many times my phone has fallen into pavement already, only to survive thanks to this wonderful system. The Otterbox ad claims you can run over it with a 4×4, I’m just happy it tolerates as much abuse as it has already. So first of all, make your iphone as impact resistant as possible. The case works with a belt holster that fits wide riggers/instructors belts, and can be adjusted to any angle. For walking I prefer vertical, and I just twist it to horizontal position when driving or seated. Cant recommend this product enough.
As for apps:
Not as useful in Argentina but a terrific application when moving around first world countries and needing to find an ATM, gas station, etc in a city you don’t know.
A basic survival, including edible plants.
It includes first aid and well known military manuals info, escape & evasions, etc
Flashlight for your Iphone 4
Neat app. As the gov. becomes desperate for more money, and social unrest becomes more common, you’ll definitely want this one.
Trapster alerts you of police speed traps, cameras and road hazards.
So as to know whats going on
This App became famous during the earthquake in Haiti, saving a man´s life.
Uses the GPS and sends a signal with your preset info such as gender, age, personal heath data in case you’re in an accident, trapped or kidnapped.
Allows you to follow emergency frequencies of police, EMS, coast guard, fire departments and other emergency frequencies.
This is a ballistics trajectory calculator for long range shooting.
Looking forward to reading what you guys have in your phones.
Take care!



Top 10 Survival and Preparedness Apps — 4 Comments

  1. I use the “Surefire” shot timer. It is free and works pretty well.

    I also have the best inflation story yet:
    My friend owns a restaurant and orders ice cream 40 gallons at a time. Today the ice cream company is refusing to deliver his earlier order because food prices are going up so fast it would create a negative cash flow. It is the first time I have heard something like this in America. It reminds me of Wiemar when the restaurant prices would increase while you were eating your meal.

  2. I like the SAS MANUAL as well if not more than survival tool box. Each has a place.
    I find the ballistic model in BULLET FLIGHT from KAC is closer to actual field results than BALLISTIC. At close range the difference is little, at longer ranges it becomes significant.
    There are a lot of GPS apps that enhance this feature and may be useful. I like the Garmin stuff because even with no connection to Internet, it will track using stored maps on the phone.

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