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I thought you might be interested in this.  The poor youth are now starting to form mobs intent on looting and hurting others in the US.  Of particular worry are the racial undertones, especially for those of us living in more racially diverse locations.  I am afraid this sort of thing will continue to spread as the economy worsens.  Three such stories are reported below.

One in Peoria, IL

and two in Philadelphia, PA

Thanks for all you do to get the word out about rational, realistic personal preparation.

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Good articles Jonathan, thanks for your email.

You’re starting to see something similar to what we’ve seen a lot of here and still live with. While not as dangerous as other criminal activities, it can be dangerous and does degrade considerably your life quality.

Mobs, rioting and roadblocks is something I’ve been through before more times than I can remember and can give some advice on how to deal with them.

The two most common rules, the ones that people that get hurt or killed by them fail to remember are 1) Don’t get involved with them! 2) Get away from them as fast as possible.

Make your voice heard in another context. When things are getting out of control and surrounded by a mob that is not the time for political or ethical debate. One word is enough to get physically attacked by another person, and one punch is all it takes for the dozen sheep around the pack leader to strike as well from anonymity. Keep your mouth shut, look around you for evacuation points and walk quickly in that direction. Of course knowing your surroundings well means you’re less likely to get boxed in in a dead end street or corridor.

Sometimes the most direct way out of the mess isn’t the best way. Lets say there’s protesting in Casa Rosada in The capital district of Buenos Aires. While Av. De Mayo may be the fastest, direct way, other groups may be using that street to get to the main concentration so I might be better off going through one of the lateral streets. Then again if police are already in such main avenue that may be my safest way out because rioters or mobsters may be hanging around in the lateral streets looking for easy victims, while the police concentrates its efforts keeping things calm in the main avenue. No easy answer and it´s up to you to tell what situation you’re dealing with on a per case basis.

Another piece of advice, 3) Don’t go down to the floor. This is where street fights go separate ways with sporting fights. It doesn’t matter if you’re the current MMA heavyweight champ, if you go down and get surrounded by a mob, the risk of getting stomped and kicked to death goes up exponentially. Just don’t go to the floor willingly and do everything you can to stay on your feet. If grabbed and such, throw a punch or two while retreating but don’t engage and always move away from them.

In your Car

In similar ways you should handle the situation from within a vehicle. Keep moving slowly, don’t lose your nerve, even if they start hitting your car and insulting. This actually happened to me and keeping a straight face looking straight ahead, not saying a word while I kept driving slowly is by far your best bet to get out of there unharmed.

“Hey FerFAL, that BS, just floor the accelerator and get out of there ASAP!”

We’ve actually had this happen as well with people that suffered nervous breakdowns during roadblocks, piquetes and other protests. First of all you’d be seriously injuring or killing the people instead of just pushing them away, this will later be hard to explain in front of a jury. Maybe you’re getting attacked by the mob, but in the middle of such a mess the kid you end up killing was a straight A student that happened to be following the pack. Running over a mob will more than likely land you in jail, while driving slowly through it still gets you out.

Of course I’m talking of cases where you’re already surrounded by the mob and they are being hostile towards you! If that not the case just hit reverse and get the hell out of there! Don’t drive through it! Another important point to consider is that sedans are not intended to run over people. Without getting into gruesome details there’s been cases where someone lost it and ran over the mob, only to end up with the car stuck on people, chairs, other elements or crashing against structures. If you just ran over a bunch of protesters and your car gets stuck you will most likely get beaten by the mob. Unless you’re getting shot at, the glasses being broken or otherwise seriously attacked and you can prove a fear of death in front of a jury, do NOT accelerate through a crowd. Move slowly though it instead.

These are a few tip to keep in mind if you ever find yourself in such a situation.

Is my advice relevant to these flash mobs you’re seeing over in USA?

This is a quote from the US “flash mob” links above:

“We were walking down the street then, out of nowhere, there’s a hundred kids,” said Rajiv Sainath. He and a group of friends were on Green Street near Broad when they were engulfed by the mob.

“By bad luck the head of our group and the head of the mob reached the corner of Broad and Green at the same exact time,” said Sainath.

He said some girls in the mob yelled at them to run away and some of Sainath’s group did just that. He was among those who didn’t.

Now, Sainath has a sneaker imprint on his forehead and numerous cuts and bruises.

“We tried to get away but kids would grab our shirts and starting hitting us in the back of the head, in the side of the head,” Sainath said.”

Take care folks,


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  1. If it is a “celebratory” mob, and they start trashing your car while you are in it, keep driving forward as you suggested, but rather than keeping the straight face, join them celebrating. Smile, cheer, do the victory sign, etc. but do keep driving.

  2. This behavior will increase as economic times worsen. Avoidance is best, willingness to use lethal force is essential.

    • Agreed, i wont hesitate to start shooting if a mob is charging me. I am sure that most would not agree but what if they get a hold of you and beat you down? I can guarantee they will take your weapon and most likely use it on you or others. I do not agree with the run or take the beating methods.

      If they want to act big and tough then they will deal with the consequences. I am pretty sure a few gunshots will scatter that mob

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  5. There are numerous reasons why our society is starting to melt down and incidents as described in this article are going to rapidly escalate as the economy worsens and hunger sets in.

    This is just one of the reasons why I “Conceal Carry” a .45 Colt with a ten round clip. Take out the leader and a couple of the other low-life members and the others will back off far enough for me to make my escape. Of course, I’ll have to replace the window(s) I shoot through, but windows are a lot cheaper than a funeral.

    Worried about criminal charges and going to court? I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Besides, being surrounded by a mob trying to get at me is a solid ground defense of being “Afraid for my life”. The right to defend oneself while being attacked is a God-given right, not a government-given right.

    By-the-way, I live in Texas. I pity the poor souls in states and cities who have allowed their legislators to strip them of their Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms” and elect representatives that are too dumb to understand “shall not be infringed”.

    Store food and water, buy silver or gold and buy ammo to protect you and your loved ones. It’s about to get nasty, folks, and those who fail to prepare will suffer.

    • My thinking exactly. I live in Texas now too, for the last 4 years. I carry a CZ75 Compact 40 Cal, and I know how to use it, having been in the US Army for about 34 years. I agree with you that America is going to have a numbr of miles of very rough road ahead. Your advice is spot on!

  6. The thing that is blowing my mind is that it seems that we have just all accepted this. What would you do if you found out that YOUR teen had been involved in this behavior? I sure know what my parents would have done to me!! Trust me, it would not be a pretty sight and in today’s world they would be reported for child abuse…and maybe that is part of the problem – spare the rod and spoil the child…but that would be another story all by itself. Protests used to be in the form of sit-ins – now they are in the form of robbery and thuggery. I must say, I am so glad I live so far out in the country that they would have to make a special trip just to get here – and then they would not get anything because we live very modestly. I suppose I am frustrated and just don’t understand the mentality of youth that are so destructive and willing to accept the role of a criminal…and where are the parents?

    • Taz, some great comments here. Actually the biblical quote is “spare the rod, hate the child” a bit more direct. Children, teens, need boundaries, they thrive and do feel more secure. Write on bro.

  7. I had a friend who came of age in a rough part of Elizabeth NJ. She the SRO was when confronted by a hostile group figure, out who the leader is and beat the crap out of him. The sheep followers tend to scatter after.

  8. If you find yourself surrounded by a mob it’s probably too late. Only one rule counts, survive by any means. The system is not set up to protect you. It’s set up to protect itself, it’s own continuity. You are responsible for your own safety. These days you need to be armed. If you are afraid of the system more than you are afraid of dying then shame on you.

  9. Mobs like this have formed in this county (USA) in the past to protest wars. I’m not talking about Civil War draft riots, but during the Viet Nam war when mobs tried to shut down Washington, DC in the early 1970’s. I was living in a ground floor apartment near the Watergate when I saw a young thug jump on the hood of a VW beetle stopped at a traffic light and kick in the windshield. My roommate had a .22 rifle in the apartment and we were waiting for someone to try to kick in our apartment window, which fortunately didn’t happen.

    After the mob left our area, I drove to work in Virginia across the Key Bridge. There were National Guard soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder across both sides of the bridge and I saw jeeps with mounted machine guns. I thought I was in some South American capital for a moment. Fortunately, this didn’t turn into “Kent State incident” but mobs can’t be allowed to just run amok.

    When outside, I think the advice to avoid and escape is the best. In your home, however, I think having weapons and being prepared to use them – only if absolutely necessary – is also important. Even where handguns are difficult to obtain, rifles and shotguns are still available and may be bought legally out of state, if necessary. Learn to use them and store them safely, away from children.

  10. Keep packing! Its coming them or us…us is prepped and strapped = them is going down. How long ya going put up with this shit? Flash mob calls for a 12 ga pump or two to settle down. Keep walking tall and bring it.

  11. If you’re in a dept. store or any type store and see a group that looks like a mob ready to steal stuff, leave immediately. Do your biz, run errands early in the day. Stay away from rallies, civic clubs, meetings (political, etc)as they accomplish nothing. Avoid joining anything, as things get worse infiltrators could provoke trouble. Stay low key and stay home at night/late in the day. If you want to eat out, go at lunch. Parking lots in malls esp. can be risky for robberies, purse snatchers. Go back in the store if something suspicious is going on and report it.

  12. After reading these most interesting articles with responses, my input, besides the struggle to keep a cool head at all times would be to, if on foot, actually become part of the mob while only long enough to get away from them. The other, was to wad up your jacket or better yet, a small blanket or like garment, and cradle it in your arms as if it where your own 1 year old child while all the while, scream ing ” don’t hurt my child” . Even mob beaters and their ilk have a soft spot for children, especially the police. They all have families in most cases and would never allow themselves to hurt a child or a parent. good luck

  13. A few years ago I got stuck in a anti American march in a country where I didn’t look like the locals. You could say I stood out like a sore thumb. Anyway I knew the march was on and I was doing my best to keep well out of the road. But I made every mistake in the book. I could hear the speaker blasting away and all the chanting from the crowds but I wasn’t sure where they were. Anyway they were marching down the road so I walked through a big park. It was quite safe in the park as there were only old people sitting on the park seats. I came out another entrance and I stood listening for the crowd and I couldn’t hear it. I thought about getting a taxi but I didn’t know where the taxi would take and I couldn’t speak the language. So I got a bus. I knew which buses to take but this time I thought I would take a bus going a different way through the city. This bus was air-conditioned with tinted windows whereas the other buses didn’t have tinted glass. And I thought it didn’t go near the march but as my luck would have it, the police had redirected the traffic. The bus turned the corner and there was this crowd covering the road. This is when I started to worry. I looked around the bus and I think most of the other passengers looked worried. I moved down to the back of the bus and sat on a seat away from the window and put my head down. The bus driver put his hand on the horn and kept going and there were people from the march on both sides of the bus waving their banners and yelling their slogans. The bus just drove straight through them. Afterwards I thought about it and I think the people on the bus realized that if anybody saw me they would be in danger too if the crowd stormed the bus. So they didn’t say anything. Most of them didn’t even look out the window at the crowds. Anyway it was lunch time and about 100degrees Fahrenheit and the people had been marching and chanting all morning so they were getting tired. During the day it was OK but that night it turned ugly when the bad boys came out to play. I stayed inside for a couple of days and at night I kept most of the lights off so I could look out without being seen. When I went to bed I put the balcony lights on just in case. Anyway that is my story and I hope it doesn’t happen again.

  14. In any democracy different opinions AND desension will be present. Do I aggree with hurting people? No! But protecting oneself from the State, a Religous Body or an Institution(Corportation)for trying to hurt or inflict harm on me or my family or “must be” expected. Thats why rules, by it’s citizens, must be put in place to protect it’s citizens. Freedom “without” ethics or morality is not acceptable to me!

  15. To the guys who carry concealed weapons and plan to use them….how do you know you aren’t going to shoot an innocent victim who just happens to get in the cross fire? We are headed to Wisconsin and were planning to attend the State Fair….not any more. It just isn’t worth worrying about for a cream puff, a polish sausage, and some music. Thanks but no thanks…the flash mob can have it.

  16. I carry both .45acp 1911 and a Taurus Judge 3″ I practice shooting both of them often as I can so I do know what I am doing when or where I am forced to protect myself and loved ones. I also have taken urban close quarter defense tactical training from my friend who is a SWAT team trainer.

  17. I have one question about these situations. Do the people feel that they are genuinely endangered? If not, then no big deal.

    If so, why didn’t they just run them over?

    The mobs were only able to intimidate because the people did not have the backbone to do violence to those doing violence to them.

  18. I was a white claims adjuster working in the Bronx NY in the middle of “burn baby burn” An open car window could get a cup of gasolinee and lighted cigarette tossed in our lap, a stop at a red light could get a bunch of kids with long 4×4’s sticking them under your car and turning it on it’s side. I would drive with my piece in my lap so I did not even need draw time. Luckily I was not a victim.

    I also owned a liquor store in Queens NY and we had a few hold ups that happened when I was not in the store. The last time I was there. I shot the perp. Had a lot of trouble over it with the authorities, but I guess the word got out and I was never held up aain.

    One more word, the term is “Responsible Armed Citizen” If you are not up for defending yourself against dadly force with deadly force, DON’T PACK. You are not going to scare anybody, you will end up having your weapon taken away and probably used on you.
    I parcticed draw and fire with my weapon unloaded 50 times a day as part of my daily exercises. I went to the range at least twice a month, more if I had time. I was not like some of you youngsters with the sophisticated automatics. I carried a colt cobra 6 shot 38.It has a magnesium frame and is fairly light which is a consideration when you wear it all day every day I still do sometimes. A revolver never jams or fails.
    Go in peace, but be ready for war. God Bless You All.

    • Unless you can reliably make head/neck shots at 20-30 yards don’t even think you can engage a mob of more than 30 people with a firearm not even in retreat. So yeah a lot of practice and regular practice and always use the same ammo and stick with it if you ever expect to use a firearm to solve a mob situation for you. As a young person who might think following a mob might be a cool thing to do, realize there are people out there that can make head shots reliably at 30-40 yards and they can drop 20 punks in far less time than you can cover that distance on foot at your best run speed.

  19. So, I’m late to this party, but have a worthwhile suggestion:
    Run a wire from a spark plug to the body of the car. (Need an ON/OFF switch, of course.) They may stone you, etc, etc, but they won’t pick up your car. This is the original “stun gun” . And no, don’t ever stop. Must keep moving, even forward and backward if you’re trapped between vehicles.

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