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Suarez is a heavy hitter in pistolcraft:



I wouldn’t so quickly dismiss the very real problem of getting sued if your actions are uncalled for. Whiel I get what Suarez means, not all gun owners are level-headed people with professional firearm’s training on their back and they need to be reminded that if you pull a gun or shoot a bunch of low lives that aren’t clearly threatening your life you will go to jail for a long time. As these flash mobs continue, sooner or later a gun owner will get scared and start shooting when the situation didn’t call for it. Guys, there’s cameras EVERYWHERE today.  Make no doubt. Act as if your actions are being filmed. You probably are.

If you pull a gun, be sure that the situation calls for it. Don’t just do it because you don’t like the way a bunch of people look or how they dress or the color of their skin. Agitated group? Already vandalizing stores and harassing people and they are now going for you? Yes, you probably should draw… IF there’s no way out for you to escape. Still hurrying towards you shouting threats in spite of your weapon being drawn and you clearly commanding the nice gentlemen to back off? Don’t wait until you’re on the floor being kicked to death. In spite of being outnumbered if you shoot your attacker the others will more than likely hurry away with haste, remembering that turkey they forgot in the oven. There’s going to be some explanation to be done, but at least you’re alive.

As you learn when you train, you don’t threaten with a gun, you draw as the natural previous step before shooting. By this I mean your actions should go along with dead serious resolve. If the attackers keep moving towards you, you will use your firearm to stop the one that is closest, the one that is more of a threat.

I’ve come across this sort of revolts and mobs hundreds of times. You can’t avoid that in Buenos Aires since its been happening every week, (sometimes on daily basis) because of one excuse or another since the economic collapsed. For those that are half aware, you just don’t get caught by a mob. They are loud, they are numerous and you just see them before they are too close unless you’re totally unaware of your surroundings. Keep your eyes and ears opened and you will not get caught by a mob. If you happen to see a bunch of teenagers rushing into a store you’re in, don’t stay there dumb faced, RUN OUT OF THE PLACE! .As always and especially in this case, awareness will make the big difference. Start shooting into such a crowd is the most desperate last resort.


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