Home Invasions on the Rise

Notice how the events I’ve described previously in numerous times are occurring more often in USA as well. More violent home invasions, better organized and often taking advantage of intel, either because someone spoke too much or because of someone that accessed the property previously because of legit reasons such as maids, contractors, etc.

Similar to what we’ve seen here, the level of violence is clearly increasing, not only that, but some of the old “codes” have been lost. These days criminals don’t hesitate in torturing children, something that used to be disapproved in general by professional criminals.

Las week in the small town or Miramar in the province of Buenos Aires, a 10 year old was killed by two criminals that broke into his house. The child ran to hide under the bed but they soon caught him, beat him and hanged him.

Its for this reason that I insist so much on security. Times in USA and world wide are getting more dangerous each day.


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Tension follows rash of home invasions by masked attackers – Houston Chronicle‏

The crews of bad guys bash down doors in the night or early morning hours, wearing masks and carrying guns as they stalk their victims.

Such teams have attacked Houston-area homes at least four times in the past two weeks, most recently on Thanksgiving evening. Their attacks have left three people dead and a boy missing a finger.

“I’m not nervous. I’m waiting,” electrician Robert Young said Friday as he clutched a military-style assault rifle outside his home, a few doors down from the scene of the latest attack in the 12000 block of Dermott.

The normally quiet neighborhood is thick with pine trees, sprawling lots and concern about what might have motivated the attack.

“I have got my guns ready,” said Young, fresh back from Iraq, where he did electrical contracting.

Authorities said they’ve seen an increase in home invasions recently, although statistics were not available because of the holiday.

Attackers often target residents they think are either drug traffickers who stash cash in their homes, or immigrants, particularly from Asia or the Middle East, who run small, cash-based businesses.

“These guys are violent criminals,” said Franceska Perot, a spokeswoman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. “You see them now more prepared – ski masks, zip ties (handcuffs), firearms. They basically have a plan when they go into these homes.”

Usually the criminals have a tip from someone who is in the home or has been there.

The attackers are said to hope their victims are at home so they can intimidate them into handing over drugs or cash instead of wasting time tearing into walls or tossing furniture.

The ATF has arrested multiple teams of invaders, often specialists with reputations for helping disgruntled traffickers attack rivals or former partners.

Former Houston drug dealer Rogelio Gonzalez testified during a trial this year that robbers disguised as police officers barged into his residence and pistol- whipped him in front of his terrified family.

Home invasions occur regularly, and authorities concede they don’t know about all of them. In those where nobody is hurt and a drug dealer gets ripped off, nobody may call police. (Read the rest)


Home Invasions on the Rise — 2 Comments

  1. I live in McAllen in the Rio Grande Valley in deep South Texas. We have been seeing increases in drug related activities and spillover violence for years. There are home invasions daily, as has been told to me by my law enforcement friends, but they don’t get reported in the news.

    Earlier in the year, there was an IED found in Brownsville, also here in the RGV. When I asked my SWAT friend about it, he told me that they find them all the time, this is just the first one that had been reported.

    What is likely going on in Houston is, as the article suggests, is drug related activities. These homes are usually targeted because there is known activities going. There was a drug stash house that was busted about 6 blocks from where I live, and a couple of months later a young man was shot to death, likely at the same address (I know it was at least the same block).

    Fernando, I have read your book (I don’t have it anymore, I lent it to a friend and he liked it so much, he lent it to his dad, and well…it’s gone) and follow your blog. I would like to share with everyone who reads your blog, especially in the US where these drug cartels are starting to operate more openly, to always be vigilant. Keep an eye out in your neighborhood for unrecognized vehicles, slow moving cars, people who look like they are out to mow lawns with yard equipment in the back of their car who never stop to look for work, parked vehicles, new neighbors who are very quite, etc.

    These cartels are very organized, they do a great deal of surveillance, they know their targets, their families, their routines, etc. Here is a link to an article about a shootout in Houston last week.

    Thanks for the blog, I look forward to updates!

  2. If you live in the USA now it is illegal to resist if your gov knocks down your door and storms inside. So, to the guy who nervously sits in his home clutching his weapon, I hope you can tell who it is that kicks down your door. The legal criminal, or the illegal criminals.

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