Your opinion regarding finding refuge in Cafayate, Argentina

Greetings, Fernando. You don’t know me, but I sure feel like I know
you. I been reading your blog and watching your videos for some time
with great interest. My wife and I do feel like, what has happened to
Argentina in the past will soon happen to North America and many other
parts of the world. We wish to thank you for sharing your knowledge
with us. We value it very much. We live in Canada, ourselves.

I frequently visit a website called The Dollar Vigilante and have been
interested in this groups perspectives on investing in preparation for
the coming collapse. However, there is one idea of theirs that I don’t
quite agree with or understand. It is the idea that a perfect place to
sit out the collapse is in a placed called Cafayate, in Argentina.

You are originally from Argentina and I would like your thoughts on
what The Dollar Vigilante is encouraging others to do.

In your opinion, is Cafayate really a place that will be safe enough
to protect anyone from the economic problems that are coming? What
could possibly make these people think that they would be protected,
in Cafayate, from what is happening in the rest of Argentina?

It just doesn’t seem to make sense to me, but I wondered what you
would think of such an idea.

All the best to you and your family. We hope that you (and the rest of
us God-fearing people) do well in your new home.




Hi David,
I keep getting emails like yours all the time, and the only reason I keep replying to them is simply that I don’t one a single one of you guys (my readers) to lose money or even worse, make a decision they will regret the rest of their lives.
No, I don’t think it’s a good idea to invest or move to a dangerous, socially, politically and financially unstable country such as Argentina. I honestly don’t think any latin 3rd world country is a good idea, but I would end up in either Chile or Uruguay if forced to choose one.
There´s lots of people involved in this sort of businesses, big money involved, and big commissions to anyone that lands a sale. That’s why they push it so hard and try to make such a strong case for it. Then you have others in the blogging community that promote it for a free trip to exotic Argentina or the chance to hang around the fat cats that go to these events. Sorry guys, been to Salta already and I have enough friends. Many of the “rich and famous” in these events happen to be investors in the project itself and are very interested in spreading the word of how a great an opportunity it is.
I’ve already explained ad nauseam the countless reasons why I think it’s a terrible idea to move there. Use the search function and you’ll find more extensive posts about it. Basically being in Argentina is bad enough already, but then adding to that going for the poorest part of the country, that happens to be in a desert with little or no water and purely depends on artificial irrigation to exist, that’s what makes it such a bad idea. Then you have the general decadent infrastructure you can expect from a poor 3rd world province, including a three hour drive if you ever need basic medical care, or a three hour drive plus a two hour plane if you happen to need more than that. For anything more serious like proper cancer treatment you’d better leave the country entirely. My friends in Argentina are telling me that its been a while now since oncologic medication has been difficult to come by, even in Buenos Aires.
I guess what makes the better case of how bad an idea it is to move to Argentina is that I left the country myself, already having a home there, family and friends, different family businesses I could have worked on and developed, having weapons for defense, good friends within the local police force and a network that very few people will ever have in the country. Still the sociopolitical instability, the crime, the increasingly Chavez-like, anti Yanki government was too much for my taste.
If after extensive research a place like Salta does it for you, then go for it. Just make sure you make an informed decision and aren’t influenced by people that have a personal financial interest in your decision.

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Your opinion regarding finding refuge in Cafayate, Argentina — 2 Comments

  1. I would not put much faith or trust in ‘the dollar vigilante’ site. I just read a blog post advocating 100% investment in gold… and their phone number is (315) 219-GOLD.

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