Sex Trafficking in USA on the Rise

American Sex Trafficking

It appears that sex traffickers are looking for

fresh meat in USA now. I guess it’s only a matter of time before

billboards go up offering “jobs” to young women. Fernando, you haven’t

talked much on the subject of sex slavery after SHTF, so maybe you

should bring it up.


Hi B, sorry for the delay in replying. As the society degrades on all levels you start seeing more of this type of crime. In Argentina it got very bad, and sex trafficking and slavery is extremely common. Here’ are some articles that tell to some degree how bad the situation is already in USA, and I can tell you right now without a doubt, tis going to get worse.

Sex trafficking in the U.S. called ‘epidemic’

Teen Girls’ Stories of Sex Trafficking in U.S.

American Sex Trafficking Is On The Rise

Human trafficking on the rise in border region

Parents should watch over their kids like hawks. Keep track of who your kids talk to, who they are chatting with on line, investigate any unusual behavior. Even when adults, eighteen or older they can become victims.

The victims may be of a very broad background:

1) It used to be that sex trafficking meant mostly girls from Eastern Europe, Mexico, or some other disadvantaged background. Kidnapped or tricked with the promise of work, these women found themselves in a foreign country, not even knowing the language or local laws.

2) Girls from troubled homes as mentioned in some of the stories of the links above. Usually linked to domestic abuse and drugs, these girls fall for the lies of “boyfriends” who are actually pimps and slavers. Forced to use drugs, beaten, raped and themselves and their families threatened to be killed, these girls soon comply to the demands of their kidnappers. There’s often mention of a “breaking” period involving beatings, rape , torture and humiliation so as to break the will of the victim and dissuade them from escaping or asking for help.

3) Girls from “good” homes that are kidnapped from the street, malls, beach or park. What follows is usually similar to 2). In Argentina there’s a growing amount of cases like these, even involving young women, housewives and students that are just snatched out of the street. They are kept locked or chained, drugged and forced into prostitution. These are probably the most concerning cases to people that think “it will never happen to me”, because it goes to prove that it can actually happen to anyone, even if you’re careful and don’t come from a troubled background.

4) Girls tricked by the promise of work. Given the hard economic times, expect this tactic to become more and more common. In many cases young girls are promised modeling or promotional jobs, in some cases its promise of work as bartenders in good paying restaurants or working in boutique stores and it does sound legit. Anything that sounds like a good honest job. It usually involves moving to some other city, state or country and that’s where the nightmare starts, out of the girls family and friend circle where they are more vulnerable.

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