SHTF Footware: Shoes from a Modern Survival Perspective

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about survival minded footwear for
Basically its about the importance of adequate shoes, not only for daily use but a bit beyond that, footwear that can perform in more trying situations.
Trying to imagine some possible scenarios, you can see how sometimes you may have to run from danger, step on debris, walk home cross country after your car breaks down, walk yourself out of a collapsed structure or even a disaster stricken city (flood, earthquake, terrorist attack) where the place is littered with debris and sharp objects.
This video I did today covers this and explains the logic I apply in my own footwear selection.

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SHTF Footware: Shoes from a Modern Survival Perspective — 6 Comments

  1. Watching your video on shoe selection, I noticed that all your selections have glued-on soles rather than stiching. In my experience, shoes with glued soles tend to break lose after 1-2years and are then almost impossible to properly reattach.

    Recently I made my own purchase of a general-use outdoor/hunting boot I deemed suitable for my own needs
    THe main reason I chose these, was because of the stitched sole and waterproofing, not to mention the insulation. But no steel toe. I wanted steel toe, but the entire shopping mall complex didnt have 1 steel toe!! Kinda hard to believe.

  2. From my yoot’s log river drive experience, there is
    nothing like the hobnailed boots for sure footedness
    on slippery rocks, slimy wood and muddy footpaths.

    (Dont forget the heel’s horseshoe’s irons and the toe irons!)

    In the old days, people knew how to make their own boots and these where without compare in Oirish fighting, especially that people had their own name engraved in the irons and maybe somebody else’s on their forehead!

  3. This is great advice, few understand how important the shoes are for you. They are simply used to walking on pavements and clean streets where you have a street sweeper coming every day to clean it up. People need to try out good shoes now and not wait for this. You do not need to get the most flashy shoes, regular “hard sole” shoes goes a long way and beat sneakers in almost every every day usage.

    I would advice people who read this to try out the sales that are held now and then. You do not need to get nice looking shoes, ugly shoes will probably be better since you can afford two pairs for the price of one.

    Living in Scandinavia I have two hard sole shoes, the first is the regular hiking boots (for winter) and the second are hiking sandals (every other season). I recently changed the soles on my sandals and had some other stuff done to them and it cost me ~$40 to turn them into what they where when they were new, and I had a lot done to them! Just the soles would cost about $20 which is about one sixth of the regular purchasing price (I bought them on a sale).

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