Best Multitool for Survivalists: Leatherman Charge Tti — 3 Comments

  1. I like the Charge and Wave series but currently the Charge is twice the price of the Wave. The Charge TTi runs around $100+, while the Wave can be had for around $50 so that is quite a bit of price difference to justify.

    I personally dont like the Charge TTi because of the crimper and would rather have solid pliers so I went with the Charge AL, which price wise falls in between the Charge TTi and the Wave.

    I also have the Wave and the only negative that I hear about is that when holding it, it has alittle sharpness on some edges which make it uncomfortable to handle.

    I too agree the bits are short so the extender is a “must have” for whichever one you use!

    Good review!

    • I agree, the crimping tool is a waste of plier surface. It is though, more comfortable and the Wave has a bit less comfortable edges. Still, an incredible tool for the moeny, maybe a better deal than the Charge tti when money is thrown in the equation.

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