He came out of nowhere but you still voted for him because you wanted change. Between you and me, at first you could hardly spell his full name.

Somehow he managed to win the elections and become President. He did appeal to the masses. He talked a lot without ever saying anything meaningful. He had made lots of promises, but didn’t deliver any of them.

When he became president, instead of doing anything to improve the situation of the people, he did everything to improve his own position so that he could stay in power. He was supposed to stand for the little guy, but the big corporations he preached against were the ones he benefited instead. Kids would chant his name in schools like some mantra. Young voters loved him. Supporters would say his name again and again like brain dead zombies. No one understood what he was really all about, he never said it in the first place, but charisma, millions in campaign marketing would do the trick.

The man who was supposed to bring change and for once take the side of the working class ended up repeating socialist blabber on one side, and handing tax payers money to mega corporations on the other. He made sure to milk the middle class as much as possible so as to redistribute it fairly. To him, that would mean giving the biggest chunk of the pie to corporations and then throwing scraps through welfare programs that benefitted him politically, forcing the will of the people with handouts.

Whenever he could he would strike against individual liberties. Any form of criticism was no longer considered a natural consequence of debate and observations, but an unpatriotic act that shouldn’t be tolerated.

Soon enough, you noticed that less and less people criticized him. Even celebrities didn’t dare speak against him, some afraid of being shunned by their peers, who would never accept someone “from the other side”, others were simply in his payroll in one way or another.

When the time came to vote again, people just didn’t learn the lesson. Some couldn’t live without uncle sugar´s money, he made sure of that during his first term. It didn’t matter that the opposition had been demonized, that he had created a new kind of politics, one of hatred and revenge.

It was as if no one noticed that he had turned a once proud nation into a shadow of its former, glorious self.  As a President, he had always been unworthy of the office he held. Seems people wanted more of that, and went out and chose that again through their vote.

The damage done will take decades to undo. In the end, we got the country we deserved.

His name was Nestor Kirchner and he destroyed my country.



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    • I didnt lose anything Bud, I dont even live in USA. And unlike your beloved leader, I dont hate anyone. Its just that I’ve seen this movie before. Its sad, thats all. And for people like you it will be worse becasue of the guilt of knowing your brought whats coming upon yourself.

      • When I first read the article I was sure you were talking about President Obama. Then as it finishes I realize you are not and I said to myself we are in for some trouble here in the USA. I am thankful for your insight and the work you do.



  1. How fitting for the once great country of ours, now we are destined to become a 3rd world country in due time. Can not believe people do not learn from the past, just like Interactive Brokers CEO commerical that has recently aired. US will become like Hungary, Argentina, and others will rise over us.

  2. One day after the US election you write this.
    I am reading it, and checking off the facts. A nice list of his accomplishments. I must agree.
    (I should mention, that I have been following you for quite some time now)
    Then I read the last sentence. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but it was the most honest laugh I had in a month.
    Cheers to you Fernando, you nailed it.

  3. History is full of “Hims.” Unfortunately, it is also full of fools who can always be bought for 30 pieces of silver, or who refuse to look up from their self-centered lives until they have been confronted with great personal loss, and by then it is often too late.

  4. He took part in his first political activities during high school, becoming president of the students’ union. He organized a strike in support of a fired teacher during a visit of Juan Carlos Onganía to the city. During this time he developed strabismus, but refused to be treated. He considered his affected eye part of his identity. He could not become a teacher because of his poor diction. He joined a basketball team for some time, but was not successful at that either.

    I bet most of the idiots who voted for this idiot did not know her was an idiot.

  5. FerFAL, I pretty much agree with what you are saying, with the addition that in the USA, with regard to loss of civil liberties, cronyism and bankster control of government, unwarranted foreign wars, etc, one could substitute any of the following names: Clinton, Bush, McCain, Obama, or Romney. We’ve had no presidential elections in recent years that have offered meaningful choices.

  6. The Republicans should split up into several parties.
    The two-party-system in the US is stupid.

    I think the biggest problem for the US is not Obama the president, but the Republicans refusing to cooperate in Senate with the legitimately chosen president. They’re open in saying they’re not seeking to cooperate at all, but only to mess up everything Obama tries to accomplish.

    That is not the way to get a nation out of a crisis. But seemingly that’s how deep they go. Shame…

    • Still cant see the forest for the trees. Try getting information from different “news” sources. There’s much more going on than the simple excuses the state media gives.

  7. “HIM” This Nation was stolen from others, Then MIS-USED AFRICANS made Slaves ( and Asians-Chinese) to build it. The Founders were hypocrites , racists and sexists. They ran the SAME HUSTLE ALL POLY-TICKS-CIANS do. We as still connected to England.
    Long b4 “OBI” was put in Power, we had been SoldOut by BOTH PARTIES, to Lowest Bidders. “IT IS ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS/$$$$ “, AND CONTROL.

    • Val, I hope you arent buying into the accusations of racism and sexism everywhere. Its all distractions designed by the marxists to divide us so we are easier to conquer, and unfortunately its working on many uninformed and over-emotional citizens. Look at what the federal government is doing quietly, not the personal attacks on their competition. The loss of freedoms for common citizens like us and the increasing centralization of power in the federal government (D.C.) is name of the game. Read up on your world history, its playing out in america like it has hundreds of times before elsewhere. Ignore the speeches and distractions, its never been about race, men vs women, or poor against rich. Watch the executive orders quietly pushed through, and what the Justice Department and Dept of Homeland Security are doing under the radar. Theyre amassing weopans and unprecidented powers over citizens.

  8. FerFal and HIM ,etc….. , Yes we are in Trouble, but in Amerikkka, It is our fault. Sports/T.V /Buying Stuff , etc…. , we let DISTRACT US FOR TOO LONG . FOR CENTURIES, ‘Race’ was Divider, NOW it’s “Them Muslims”: “Keep your eyes on the ‘hole’, NOT THE ‘DONUT’. STAY DISTRACTED .STAY SLEEP ” .
    SOON we will be handed Hispanic and/ or Female Presidents, foolishly beLIEving ,they too will be different. FRONTLINE: “BIG SKY. BIG MONEY” ,tells part of puzzle. Also movies ” Manchurian Candidate(old and new one), “Ides of March”, “The International”. When I tell Black Amer. people to WakeUp and SEE/Question , Who Really Controls our Government ( Congressmen/Presidents), I am seen as Crazy

  9. Bien dicho Fernando, you hit the nail in the head! By the way, the power was down twice this morning in Medoza, in BA some parts are still without electricity. We will have a funny summer this year.

    Stay tuned, this evening we have a “cacerolazo”

    • Hi MC, yes, I heard. Expect an interesting summer and winter after that. Gas is going up, up to 700% with 2008 “retroactivos”. 8N tonight1 wish I could be there.

  10. I just found your site and was amazed at this post, I honestly thought it was about Obama. You wrote very eloquently about the destruction of a country when the majority of the people have no initiative to do anything but take from those that work and live off government handouts. I love America, but I am deeply worried about the future of my country and my children. Thank you for your powerful insight.

  11. Well played, Sir.

    But Romney is no friend of the middle class and individual liberties either. And as a European, much of his campaign made him look like the prince of darkness himself. For once I must agree with Mish:

    “Regardless of Sandy, much of the country is sick of war, sick of military spending, sick of idiots who proclaim rape to be God’s work. It is actually conceivable that enough moderates in swing states made last minute decisions based on women’s right issues rather than hurricane Sandy.
    The fact of the matter is Romney dug himself so deep a hole kowtowing to the religious-wrong and war-mongers that even a stunning victory in the first debate coupled with a weak economy and huge unemployment could not carry the day.”

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