USA Collapse: How Bad Will it Be?


Today while reading a thread in a survival forum someone explained his view on how different a collapse in USA would be compared to the one that took place in Argentina in 2001. He said that while the collapse in Argentina was like changing a tire on a Ford Falcon, what will happen in US will be like changing them all on a 18-wheeler.

Changing a tire on a Falcon is a light way of putting it. Our economy collapsed, our currency lost 70% of its value overnight and the president resigned while anarchy spread all over the country. Over a decade later the place is still a mess, it simply never got back on its feet. Just last week, looting spread across 40 major cities in Argentina. My family and friends over there spend three days, including Christmas, without power or water, while roasted at 120F. We didn’t change the tire on a Ford Falcon. The Falcon went over the cliff and blew up. You could say there’s only a wreckage left of what was once a nice, shiny Ford Falcon.

Unfortunately for you guys in USA its more similar than any of us could have expected. Seems that right after getting an Obama doble tap, you’ll get hit with Hillary Clinton in 2016.  The shit storm your’re about to go through will test everyone’s determination and true preparedness levels. Its now and in these coming years that people will get to see for themselves what works and what doesn’t. Many such accounts have already been posted here the last couple years.

If USA fully collapses, the dollar becomes pretty much worthless and you one day wake up in Bolivia, in that case and from an individual perspective, you’ll go through what we did in Argentina. You’ll start bartering for a living like thousands did in Argentina. When you realize the problems concerning bartering you’ll try making money to survive on whatever new currency replaces the US  dollar. Will it get that bad? Lets hope not. But if it does, then the life challenges you’ll be facing on a personal level aren’t in anyway unique. A lot of people have had to go through that.

You know what a common saying for most Argentines? “ It’s the same thing everywhere you go. Anywhere you go around the world these days there’s crime, there’s inflation, problems, etc”. That’s how Argentines go into denial, convincing themselves that their shitty reality isn’t unique to them. Those of us that know better want to scream “No, its not! A lot of people around the world live MUCH better than you do!”. I’ve done that myself, but its of no use, people prefer to stay in denial. Denial is a powerful survival mechanism so as to not go nuts. It’s the way in which your psyche tells itself that what you are going through is ok, its normal. Saying that if USA goes to hell everyone else goes along with it is the same thing. Just like any other Empire or world power in history, if one day USA becomes a shadow of what it once was, it will slowly fade away as its doing now in many ways. Maybe there’s still time to reverse things, maybe its too late, I don’t know, but if it continues this way, other than a few iconic moments and incidents, its a slow decaying process. There’s going to be other places where quality of life is better, and eventually another country or group of countries may rise above it to take its place.

There’s thousands of people preparing for whats coming using the novel Patriots and Doomsday Preppers as guidelines. You know how useful that is for what the future holds for you in USA as of today? Zip, nada, nothing. Rather the contrary, instead of helping, people will make the wrong decisions which will at the very least cost them money they can no longer afford to lose. Look south across the border to see what crime and violence in USA may look like one day. Add to that a government that is not only tending toward socialist authoritarianism, but effective at it too.



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    • Problem with resilient and doomday preppers is they prepare for the unlikeliest events and total self sufficiency of a family unit. No family unit can survive for long on its own.

      Second problem is their solutions are so far off from the requirements of today’s society they are seen as total wack jobs. They are too far ahead of their customers, classic example of what happens when you get too far ahead see Chrystler Airflow.

      Third. Even in a Second Civil War scenario all factions are going to keep the areas they control supplied, supporters protected and provide state like functions as best they can. They have to prove they can govern, killing the enemy is only good enough for crusader nut jobs. Not great but better than hermit style survivalism. The state will continue to exist in some form, its just too usefull.

      Fourth, if you have these survivial skills and toys, the people arround you have to trust you to lead them to a better life or atlest play ball ie trade with them or they will simply take you stuff and kill you if you tell them to F*ck Off. The other side has numbers and often heavier weapons. Most suvivalists and resilliance types are a little off, trust and playing nice with others are big issues not covered except where its hinted at by FerFALs other blog.

  1. FerFAL I wish more people read your blogs. Doomsday preppers instead of trying focus outward focus on the self to the point of self destruction.

    Unfortunately they are the only ones that seem to understand SHTF. And they are stuck in a Mad Max fantasy. If a neuclear war happend or the Yellow Stone caldera blows up the folks in the US are dead in a month max.

    We should be trying to prevent the Second US Civil War from going hot, we are already in a Civil Cold War. The amount of rancor and anger in US politics today will spill over into something very nasty if we don’t step back from the abyss.

    If it can’t be prevented at least prepare for a protracted era of civil strife punctuated with flashes of a home grown guerrilla war and terrorism. A cabin in the woods ain’t gonna save you from such a conflict, being a lone wolf and unpopular will just make you a target.

    I never imagined US Society resembling Junior High but its sure headed that way.

  2. What is happening in Argentina sounds similar to what life was like in the old USSR. Much crime and black market activity. It’s ironic how “The State” never seems to suffer, or go away.

    This is my big problem with the sources you mention. Patriots concludes that the Gov. in DC will melt away when the dollar crashes, as if they are not making plans for the crisis that they are causing, go figure?

    In the Marxist “religion”, the State is their God, thus The State’s needs will always be met first and foremost.

  3. “…its a slow decaying process”. You are right!

    At 62 years old, I have observed the process. I have also read about it. It is slow.

    6400% inflation since 1914. Mandatory ‘education’ in public schools. Military draft (until 1970 or so). Gun laws. Drug laws. Speech laws (McCain-Feingold struck down by Supreme Court). 17% inflation since 2008 (Google ‘Big Mac Index’ for 2008 and 2012). The Carter Years.

    Been lurking your sight for 8 months or so. Evidently I have been a ‘Ferfal type prepper’ for 32 years or so.

  4. The problem with a collapse in the USA is it will not be localized to just the United States. We are for the most part the worlds largest consumer and the countries that supply our consumerism will suffer as well, half of China will be out of work if we stop or can not buy their products. I fear we are the too big to fail country in the mix of the world economy and all the stops will be pulled out to stop any collapse. Very few countries will be truly free of the effects of the collapse of the US and it will mostly be those countries that already live in a state of continued poverty that will the least affected.

  5. Fernando, I think Argentina, Russia, past failed economies and now the US all rot from within and fall differently. There are similarities but there are differences as well. Nations without a guiding light decline into crime and government corruption and others become bloodbaths as well. I think different parts of the US will respond differently. Say New York, California, Montana, Alaska, etc. There will be common problems but I’m quite sure South LA will look nothing like Casper, WY in the process. I’m betting history will repeat itself.

  6. My Fellow Americans; the collapse of America is very real, we are going the way of rome, all nations will be destroyed within as long as we have a government that only cares for it’s self, the rights of the people be damned, right now the state of Ill. is trying to pass a law to ban ALL, guns, even the antique ones,
    where do you as an American stand on this issue? are you gong to sit back with your hands under your legs thinking it will never happen? it will my friends and we need people who are willing to say “you will remove this gun from my dead cold hands” Remeber what happen in Germany when Hitler took power, history can and will repeat it’s self, even here in America, wake up, look up and listen, the knock shall soon will be at your door!

  7. One thing about this debate we must realize is that, at its core, this is a structured collapse. The repel of Glass-Stigel by Bill Clinton in 1997 set the foundation for the WMD derivative timebomb that will eventually collapse the USD (Dollar) and the entire western world in one fatal swoop. 1.4 quadrillion is the true liability for the USD when you add it all up.

    To what end? Hmmm, good question. To me it seems the Euro is the ultimate template for an eventual 1-currency system that takes the dollars place.

    Therefore, look to the core root of the problem! Learn to grow sprouts on your window-sill! Get backups in place! Get some precious metals! Armed domestic violence is exactly what ‘they’ want…it plays right into the hand of the Stateless Elites.

    Having lived in the asian 3rd world, upper class communities look like nicer South Central Los Angeles areas around USC. For the upper class there are night watchmen. Checkpoints. 10′ high fences. Decaying infrastructure. 50% electric bill increases month-over-month. Hot water? Ha! That’s only for 3-star hotels.

    We have a long way to fall…folks listen to Fernando…get your preps but beyond that, improve your skills at DOING things that other people value. Learn how to fix things. Become an expert for something that someone else wants. If you can swing it, (say your college-age cousin is moving out of state and you have the space) get spares of major appliances like smaller refrigerators and washing machines.

    For one day when the dollar really does go belly up and the fridge konks out, you will be happy you did.

  8. Yeah right- That is what the new world order wants you to fall back on- be with christ- more people have died in the name of christ than any other religion. Americans and very unaware of oncoming danger.

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