Booze, Bartering & Bargaining after SHTF — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for this perspective Fernando, people tend to over do it a little, especially these days as they are scared and are buying into all of these doomsday shows and blogs.

    We can’t prepare for every scenario under the sun because there isn’t the time or the money available for these endeavers and alot of companies are now capitalizing on everyone’s fears, and fear sells.

    I will stick to information posted by those that have been there and done that because like in combat, we discover what really works and the other 80% that does not. You have seen it all first hand and dealt with it accordingly and got out just in time.

    Thanks for you book and insights, I appreciate your first hand information. Cash is certainly much lighter and some emergency medical training is cheap and invaluable as well.

    Thanks again and be well my friend.

    • Thanks Old Salt, +1 on medical and first aid training. Often free if you check some of the red cross classes or your local hospital.
      Take care,

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