Aladdin Blue Flame Kerosene Heater

Saw your videos about your blue flame heater and thought it would make
for a good subject over here after you have some time under your belt
with it.
I have run the Toyostoves for years and like them quite a bit, but I
always wanted to try one of the old Aladdin Blue Flames too, probably
because I like their lamps or just like the idea of a nice old fashion
Anyway try their lamps if you haven’t and run something about their
heaters when you can.


 What I like the most about the Aladdin Blue Flame heaters is that they are made to work both as heaters and cookers and do so well. They are still pretty old and use cotton wicks and are not as clean burning or as efficient as the modern convection and radiant heaters.


Don’t get me wrong, I like the Aladdin heater and it does work, but for purely practical purposes such as heating at home when power goes down during a snow storm as we are seeing across USA, a modern heater that uses a fiberglass wick and burns cleaner is simply better. A 23,000 BTU Convection heater like the one above would be my recommendation instead. They are safe, tough, put out a lot of heat and even if not intended for it, you can boil water on top of most of them during an emergency.



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  1. …just wondering how common kerosene heaters are in your area ? Up here (eastern Canada) low-odour kerosene is over 10 dollars a gallon, and that has really diminished their appeal in anything but a dire emergency…


    • Man, that’s expensive. Here its pretty expensive too but I still like it for emergencies. Keep in mind that you can use kerosene, mineral spirits and even Jet A fuel. Maybe you have a nearby airport ot try out your luck. Also Mineral spirits can sometimes be found on sale, low odor ones being the most desirable.

      • While mineral spirits will burn and do so cleanly I have always heard it is dangerous to burn at least in lamps that are designed for kero or lamp oil.

        While doing some research on a storm lamp several years ago I ran across a warning about mineral spirits that was being sold as 1K ultra clean kero.

        Burning this over several hours would heat up the fuel and give you a run away lantern with results to match.

        Wanting more info I pulled the MSDS sheets and found that yes the fuel I had been using was mineral spirits and yes the flash point was below what the lantern was designed to be run at.

        Fortune smiled on me as I never had burned the lamps for more than an hour or so at a time and so had not had a run away on me.

        There are lamps designed to run on mineral spirits, but running a kero one on it is likely unwise.

        I now run a synthetic kero or lamp oil in my lamps and kero from the pump in my heater all of which matches the flash points for the fuel requirements of my equipment.


  2. I have never seen a kero heater that was better than a Toyostoves Double Clean (DC) series heater and their White Clean is almost as good. I heated for years with a White Clean and use a Double Clean when it is not cold enough for the coal stove.

    I never thought it smart to sleep while one was burning, but never had a reason to think that way as they always worked great for me.

    I am burning Kero that is several years old and it is finally starting to smell a bit more even in these top quality heaters. With fuel stabilizer added I have a viable easy heat source for years if needed.

    As stated though I have always liked the blue flame heaters and may one day add one to my collection.


    • Thanks SD, good info. The Aladdin is nice for collectors, not perfect and not as good as modern heaters, but still a nice, intereting piece.

  3. Have 2 blue flames that I’m rehabbing for a garage,shop heater. Where can No get and do they make a modern properly sized wick? Thank you

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