Awesome Website: Sarajevo Survival Tools

This link takes you to “Sarajevo Survival Tools” a project cooperation between the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo (ETF) and the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The link is in English and if you navigate through the different exhibits you will first see short video intros and then the different objects, which you can click on to see pictures, read more information and watch a dedicated video of that object.

The website is a bit messy to navigate around but once you get used to it you see that its packed with real-world information of the tools made an used by people to survive during the siege. It’s well worth the time!



Awesome Website: Sarajevo Survival Tools — 1 Comment

  1. The videos were well worth watching, but people have got to understand that the United States is not Sarajevo. Sarajevo had a better day coming and the people there knew that. That didn’t make their day to day survival any less difficult nor frightening but for us when the lights go our we are done forever, as in extinct. This is not doom and gloom, just fact. The enemy nations are coming to invade as soon as we collapse if there is anything left for them after the enemies already inside our borders are done with their rampage of looting, burning, and beheading. The government can call it work place violence if they want too, but these people are here by the millions to erase us from the face fo the earth. The bottom line is you are dead meat if you don’t know how to live off the land without a building, running water or anything else or that matter. If you can’t live like the animals around you then you are goner. Why can’t people see this? Are they that blind? Oh well, just wasting my breath, but I feel much better. thanks for putting up with me!

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