14500 vs AA: Are 14500 the prefect EDC light battery?

For many years I used a 1XCR123A light of some kind or another as my EDC light. 4Sevens, Fenix, lately Eagletac D25C. I like how bright they are but I don’t like how those batteries aren’t nearly as common as AA or AAA. From a survivalist perspective, commonality and availability is an important factor. You never know when you’ll need to improvise or make do with whatever you come across… and you’re far more likely to come across AA and AAA than R123As. Still, given the different modes flashlights have these days and that they can go for days at a time on moonlight mode I was still ok with that. Keep an eye on the batteries, replace when needed and don’t wait until they are completely dead.
The thing is, with LED technology getting better every year, I started carrying around 1xAA EDC lights, lately the Thrunite T10T, which is a nice, sleek titanium light. At 169 lumens its bright enough but I found myself missing the extra power of the Lithium batteries. After a bit of reading around in candlepowerforum and checking that the T10T could take it, I went ahead and got a couple 14500 lithium ion batteries (basically the same form factor as AA, but in li-ion).
Man! Those are nice. You visible get more lumens out of it (about 250 lumens), its rechargable so you dont waste money on batteries and if needed you can go ahead and use common AA found everywhere.
This works great for EDC since you can give a quick charge every few weeks to keep your 14500 in good shape. Maximum brightness, no more dead batteries all of a sudden, making it an ideal solution for having both brightness and battery commonality. Best of both worlds kind of situation.

Here you have a comparion of two 1xAA lights, Sunwayman Dolphin C15A on the left with a AA Duracel Primary, and the Thrunite T10T with a 14500 TrustFire on the right. When using Duracel AA, both are about the same brightness, so here you can clearly see the difference.


Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.


14500 vs AA: Are 14500 the prefect EDC light battery? — 3 Comments

  1. In USA we have had lithium AA size batteries for a while. Most are made under the Energizer brand. At first lithium batteries were made for battery operated smoke detectors which tend to drain batteries fast. Those are generally the 9 volt rectangular batteries. Then they came out in AA and AAA. I use lithiums in all my battery operated clocks and in AC mains powered clocks for battery backups and in my flashlights and of course in my smoke detectors. I also have a small AM/FM pocket radio in my preps that uses them. They are really a godsend for when you don’t want to be caught without light or info in a SHTF situation. I’m surprised that the UK is only now getting lithium batteries. Usually trends catch on in Europe first and the USA plays catch up.

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