Gun Shooter vs Gun Fighter

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Teenager shot to death after young girl sneaks him in house

The title of the story linked above is pretty self-explanatory. A girl sneaks a boy into her house, apparently the boy hides in a closet. Dad thinks someone broke in, ends up shooting the boy.

Its one thing to kill someone you are 100% sure you want to kill. Its another, VERY different story, to look down on a person you just killed and realize you made the worst mistake of your life.

I’ve said it a hundred times but I haven’t said it enough: Keeping a loaded firearm for defense without proper firearms training is like getting on a car for the first time, turning it on and getting on the highway. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Any clown pulling the trigger is a shooter. Now, someone that has received advanced training and keeps it up to sustain the level of proficiency, that’s who your’re supposed to be. Someone that actually trains to fight with his gun. Not in the sense of the old west gunslinger and professional duelist, but a modern day gunfighter that has trained for the martial use of his weapons.

My old instructor used to say, “we don’t train shooting machines here, we train hitting machines.” Anyone pulls the trigger and shoots, not everyone hits what they are shooting at in a violent dynamic encounter. There’s a big difference. My first firearms instructor when I was 14 or 15 years old insisted on target recognition. “ID the target before you put a round in it”. Till this day, I believe that’s the most important lesson I’ve ever learned regarding firearms. The truth is that for most normal people, far more often than not whatever went “bump in the night” will be something you do not need to kill. Yes it can be a home invader, but far more likely it’s the dog, the cat, one of the kids that went down stairs to get something to drink in the middle of the night. It’s the friend that stayed over for the night. It’s the wife that is a day early back from that trip or the son that “broke in” through a window in the middle of the night because he forgot his keys and didn’t want to wake everyone up.

Lesson of the day folks: ID your target before shooting. Once the round leaves the barrel you can’t take it back.

Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.


Gun Shooter vs Gun Fighter — 2 Comments

  1. To me, it’s pretty clear that when the Second Amendment was written, the intent was for the USA to have a citizen fighting force similar to that which existed in Switzerland for centuries (albeit which has been diluted quite a bit today). In Switzerland, every male who reached the age of majority (usually 21, but could have been 18) was sent for basic military training and then assigned a rifle and some ammunition.

    The thinking on the part of the government of Switzerland was that in case of invasion, the citizenry could be called upon to repel the invader. Switzerland couldn’t afford a professional army, so the citizens were trained to act as a de facto army if called upon. Keep in mind that this involved regular training sessions and constant maintenance of the citizen’s assigned rifle, and keeping an eye on the ammo so it could be replaced when the gunpowder degraded.

    For a country which had relied heavily on an all volunteer fighting force to win its war of independence, and which in 1790 still had British and Spanish troops stationed on its soil, the Swiss concept had a lot of appeal. It wasn’t until Jefferson’s presidency that the US was able to afford a professional army, far sooner than many thought possible in 1787. I believe that Israel, in addition to their standing army (IDF), also has a citizen military readiness system similar to Switzerland’s.

    Today, such a system would require a compulsory military training program of boys and girls turning 18, strict licensing of firearms and ammo, and regular training updates. Suggest this to American “conservatives” today, however, and you’d better have earmuffs ready for the loud squealing! The same people have no problem selling handguns to random strangers on the internet, or out of car trunks at gun shows, however.

    I guess that a “well regulated militia” means some random working class schmoe in suburbia who buys a Glock off Armslist due to an imaginary burglary problem in his neighborhood, only to kill his daughter and her lover who snuck in at 2 am for a little “wild thing”.

  2. No matter how tragic it is for him personally and his family.

    Some dude comes sprinting out of a closet at 2 am (ish) is without a doubt getting shot!

    I am the only thing standing between him and my family and some dude responding like that after several warnings is a fool and I can’t even think of a situation where some unknown adult sized male rushing at me isn’t shot.

    Now some young man on top of my 14 year old daughter may get shot too 🙂 , but dude was rambling around downstairs on his own (daughter was upstairs) at 2am and this is kind of what happens!

    Sad, but reality is harsh!

    Oh and if the previous poster is interested in the 2nd amendment he should spend a little more time studying it as it doesn’t mean what he seems to think it means!

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