6 items to have for long term power outages — 3 Comments

  1. Ok you finally motivated me to try some of the 18650 rechargeable batteries! I’d moved to rechargeable batteries for most things, but was still using 123’s in my combat light.

    Since I keep bottles of propane around for several other items I use ones the Centry Grasshopper type stoves as a backup at the all electric office. It folds up compactly enough to store in a cabinet and gets used a lot more often than we have emergencies because it very convenient.

    Other options I’ve seen for heat that store well besides K heaters are larger K lamps/lanterns, propane heaters and one that I’ve been playing with is propane lanterns.

    The propane lanterns are already in my secondary lighting group and now double up as small heat sources!

    Being suspicious by nature I never leave a K heater on while sleeping and would likely do the same for the others! Lanterns are also used more often than lamps since I can hang them up on pre mounted hooks above kid and pet reach where they’re unlikely to cause trouble!


    • Hey SD, yes, a K heater is nice but oyu have to be careful. I wouldnt leave one while sleeping either. Its safer to turn it on and turn it off before going to sleep.

      • I agree! Maybe my last couple sentences where muddled from lack of sleep, but I never sleep, nap or “rest” with a Kerosene heater or lantern burning!

        I also run multiple carbon monoxide detectors (there is a failure rate in these detectors so I run different brands and different lot numbers within the brands) both battery and plug in around the house including directly under the stove (which makes them overly sensitive) since I get a weather inversion a couple times a year during the spring/fall that can cause backdrafting issues!


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