The NRA and GOP just threw gun owners under the Bus

So you probably already heard about the bump stock gun ban.

If not… well…

Trump, NRA open to ban on ‘bump stocks’ for guns

‘Bump stock’ ban draws unlikely support from NRA, White House, GOP members

The NRA goes ahead and BANS bump stocks in their own ranges BEFORE the ban is even approved.

It’s all over the news, all over the world, as a great anti gun victory in USA like we haven’t seen in years.

This was the stock used in the Las Vegas shooting, which allowed the shooter to fire rapidly, somewhat similar to a full auto gun. The key important difference is that this is NOT a full auto conversion. It may happen very fast but legally speaking the trigger is being pulled for each shot fired.

Let me explain this again: The NRA just made it ok to ban rapidly pulling the trigger of your gun. That’s what a bump stock does.

That the NRA didn’t even try to stop this and just opened wide and took it like a champ (or a very cheap prostitute) is concerning. Folks, lets not kid ourselves. If this had happened under Obama or Hillary, everyone would have expected the NRA to at least put up a fight. AT LEAST demand to wait until the actual investigation was over for crying out loud.

The NRA and the GOP, they have betrayed gun owners across America.

With this passive attitude, this complete lack of objection in the face of a blatant attack on gun rights, expect the NRA to do no different when the next piece of your gun rights cake is stolen.

Give enough of them away, while the NRA does what it did in this case to stop it, nothing, and one day you’ll end up with none left.

Confused? Expected at least a bit of a fight? Some resistance of any kind?

Yeah… the word you’re looking for is betrayal.

Have a good weekend folks.


Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”


The NRA and GOP just threw gun owners under the Bus — 16 Comments

  1. All par for the course. The GOP’s betrayal is all too common to require any explanation. The NRA’s is less common, but never less treasonous. Folks, the only truly uncompromised defender of the 2nd is the Gun Owners of America (, which opposes the ban on bump stocks.

    • The only true defender of our rights is We the People.
      I have little faith in any organization, eventually they will all crumble in support their own existence.

  2. I think it is better to sacrifice a useless toy like bump stock, than to allow for discussion to veer into direction of banning all semi-autos.
    The anti-gun guys want to ban all semi-autos, large capacity mags. If they could, they would limit guns to revolvers, pump action, bolt action and lever action. Semi auto and fully automatic weapons, in their minds, should only be available for military. Not even for law enforcement.

  3. To quote Scott Adams: “Gun owners sometimes say banning any weapon leads to banning all of them. In general, the slippery slope argument is nonsense no matter what topic you are discussing. Things do lead to other things, but every decision stands on its own, and should. Banning personal use of grenade launchers did not lead to confiscation of hunting knives, and probably never will. The slippery slope idea inspires fear in gun lovers – because creeping regulations feel like a risk – but in the real world, each decision stands alone. The slippery slope is an irrational fear, not a reasonable factor in policy-making.”

    • The slippery slope fallacy only applies to logical action. If you think the liberals/democrats are inclined to logic, you are NOT paying attention. They want us disarmed. Period.

  4. In parts of Europe, heck even in parts of the US, the ban on grenade launchers has in fact already lead to a ban on (at least carrying) hunting knives…….

    And even in America, a ban on some types of weapons, have enabled the antis to focus on the next class of gun. Rather than still having to keep fighting for Katyusha bans every year.

    Despite what Dilbert may claim, each decision does not stand alone. Instead, the world is like a game of chess: The decisions currently available to a player, depends on all the decisions made prior. The decision to ban bump stocks, would simply not be on the table, if strategic rocketry were still sold over the counter at 7-11.

  5. I don’t get it. Why do civilians need semi-automatic weapons? the 2nd amendment was written when rifles were front loading muskets, accurate up to 50 meters. Good luck killing dozens of civilians with it, you’d have to use it as a club to get anywhere near that number.

    Pistols, bolt-action rifles, ok, but AR-15’s..?

    I really don’t get it. And then the fear of having your guns taken away. How in the world is that feasible with the amount of guns per American? No one will be able to take all the guns. Even half of the guns! It will result in utter failure to try anything like that.

    Let’s discuss the homocide rate to stick with the numbers:

  6. @James-If I said you could eat a Cadillac(repeal the 2nd)would you believe me? What if I said that I would grind it up into powder then encapsulate it and force feed you a pill everyday(every new gun restriction). Then would you believe that things that seem impossible(the left repealing the 2nd) is actually quite possible? Every gun restriction in acted into law is unconstitutional based on just four words “shall not be infringed”. If the rest of the bill of rights were abused as much as the 2nd then I believe it would be you shouting “NOT ONE MORE INCH”.

  7. “Why do civilians need semi-automatic weapons?”

    People need semi automatic weapons, simply because they exist. Back when only muskets existed, muskets were good enough, as that was all anyone seeking to cause you harm or enslave you, would be armed with. But once cartridge guns, then repeaters, then auto loaders became available and some people had them, everyone else needed them as well. Lest they wished to become no more than Friday, to the Robinsons who did have them.

    All armaments have relevance almost entirely relative to what others have. The arms business is a great, or not so depending on your perspective, business that way. You sell a new weapon to one guy, and you can rest assured that everyone else will come clamoring for it as well. Cops across America ditched their revolvers for semiautomatics, because the guys they were fighting started showing up at gunfights with 15+ round magazine fed semis…. Things are no different for anyone else.

    • Thanks for your reply!

      I understand what you mean. I am not against sane people having a semi-auto Glock. In fact, I also would like to have one, one day. I also would like to get a hunting permit, in the long term.
      In Europe where I live, I can get a pistol, even a rifle, after going through legal procedures. I am perfectly fine with that. I also think that CCW is a good thing – if the right people are selected. Not just any retard.

      That is where the government should do its job: the arms race between citizens needs to be regulated. A government needs to come up with laws that protect the population.

      You can’t stop crazy people from harming others, but giving crazy dudes access to semi-auto-rifles is nowhere near protecting the innocent.

      I would like to note that public debate in the US is thouroughly screwed up. It just doesn’t function when people from the same nation are divided in two opposing sides, never listening to reasonable arguments and never willing to accept an agreement. I know that politicians act kind of weird during election, but the US elections never cease to amaze me. ‘The others’ are nothing less than ‘the enemy’. That is really weird in my eyes.

      The sad thing of all of this, is that citizens are being set up to endlessly argue with eachother, so that the real strategic problems will never be adressed. Poverty, education, healthcare, nothing ever gets sorted out in the United States.

        • 68% of the world lives in pretty terrible, 3rd world conditions. That doesnt mean that being poor in America is great by any means.

      • The US govt purposely divides the country so that we will fight with each other instead of together against the politicians who are not doing their job. Freedom can be scary to some who have not lived with it. Your fear of an armed crazy dude is not a good enough excuse to prevent non-crazy dudes from arming themselves. Basically, your freedom ends where mine begins. Govt is not always the correct solution when problems occur and in a free society it is the population and not the laws who provide protection.

        • I do think in a different way than you about gun laws, but I really appreciate your view on the matter. In the end, all that matters is if citizens feel responsible to clean their own streets instead of waiting for the government to do that. That what your post is all about. Respect

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