70 years isolated and living off the land

Very interesting documentary. Escaping communism, the Lykov family settled in the middle of nowhere in Taiga, hundreds of miles from the nearest settlement.  Agafia Lykova was born there in isolation with her family. She lived her entire life there. Now 70 years old, she’s the only survivor of the family.

It’s very interesting to see how such conditions affect a person. The survival and preparedness community often fantasizes about such things, romanticising what is in fact a very harsh, in many ways a very sad way of living. Being ostracized, isolated all the time, it clearly has an impact on a person.


70 years isolated and living off the land — 1 Comment

  1. An odd documentary. Started out as a look at someone who survived alone in the wilderness, and ended up as a soap opera concerned whether her father had slept with her sister and whether another guy had taken her virginity. Pretty worthless from a survival standpoint. More a curious thing.

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