Reply: American tourist stabbed 10 times in La Boca, Buenos Aires

Is La Boca the same barrio where that one tourist with a GoPro got mugged while he kept saying “amigo?”-Joe

I think it was. Either way Buenos Aires and pretty much Argentina in general, it’s a dangerous place. What I mean by dangerous is not just “crime like everywhere else”. I’m talking people getting killed daily in the city and violent crime very much out of control. There’s currently problems now with armed left-wing gangs occupying land in Patagonia, a group called RAM. The police seem to be unable to stop them and it says a lot about the country when an armed terror organization is free to operate in plain view, yet the police does nothing.


“When travelling always dress way down the fashion ladder. Always use cheap baggage. Always wear layered clothing with fake stuff in the outer layer and real stuff closer to the body. A money belt with a few Benjamins in it is also good. Plus a photocopy of ones passport. “ -A

That’s good advice. Those money belts are priceless and work very well. If mugged just give up your wallet, make sure you don’t keep anything too valuable there. I’d keep my original passport in there, not a copy.


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  1. Hey friends. Yeap. same place where they tried to rob the go pro camera.
    Buenos aires is Awsome place to visit. But you should be prepaired and not wave around expensive phones or new cameras. Be smart when you travel.


    About RAM – Resistencia Ansestral Mapuche – They are descendents from native Indians that lived in Argentina and Chile — before being colonized by the spanish.

    They fight for what they call their original sites/domain .. and they don’t aknlowledge Argentinian nor Chile’s government.,, So their faction actually is preatty complicated.

    There are 2 factions. 1 violent, 1 pacifist. You shouldn’t consider them as GANGS..

    On going problem for a decade now.

  2. The victim is my cousin, Joe Wolek. Joe is a professional location scout, artist and photographer ( ( not your average naive tourist. Sadly violent attacks happen even to seasoned travelers who are alert and aware of their surroundings. He was fortunate to have been treated by an excellent heart surgeon, Dr. Ponce, who happened to be on duty. His wife Elena, sister and another cousin have all flown in from the US and are at his side now. The doctor conveyed that less than 1% of patients survive this type of brutal assault, where is chest, lungs and heart were stabbed 10 times. I’m sharing his gofundme site if you’re so inclined to help. He is recovering slowly but is progressing and is beginning to walk and move around as part of his recovery. (

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