Rodney King Riots After Action Repot


Fer Fal could you critique this guy’s actions? I think it would be better to stay inside the theater.



Hi Tom, sure thing.

Long story short, the link above is about a guy’s experience during the Rodney King Riots of 1992 in LA. The author called Robert, wife Karen and their children are in a theater in a Hollywood premiere when the riots start outside on the street on April 29. The security guard in the theater locks the doors, kills the lights so that rioters cant see inside an eventually Robert, Karen and the kids go to the underground parking, get in their car and drive home.

In a nutshell, that’s the story.

As for lessons learned, first we must understand we’re talking about a self-confessed “Hollywood liberal” movie screenwriter and the entire story reeks of such mentality, very different from a prepper or survivalist.

His wife clearly wears the pants and Robert sounds like the typical liberal beta male. His wife is the hero of the story at one point because she’s the one with a flashlight in her purse…

When rioters start throwing stones at the building, his wife Karen doesn’t even flinch. Robert believes his wife’s face has the determined expression of a “seventeenth-century general” with nerves of steel. In reality what he’s describing is anything but and is in fact resignation and being frozen by fear. This is not to be confused with determination, but it’s a very typical reaction among those that aren’t prepared and simply “cant believe this is happening”. Its basically good old denial.

Lessons learned? Well, getting caught in Sunset Boulevard the day of the verdict would be a big one. You need to be aware of the world around you, of what’s going through those “inner city youths” mind. If they had done that they would have realized that specific day could get complicated fast and they would have let this socializing event pass.

Of course not even having a flashlight (or a CCW which the author later regrets) that’s another big fail. You need to have a few basic EDC tools with you and a flashlight is one you should never be without.

Now maybe the biggest questions is, should they have bugged in and waited inside the theatre or did they do well in going to the parking, getting into their car and escaping while they could?

In general, the standard reply for the best course of action when there’s civil unrest is bugging in and sheltering in place. Now that is particularly good advice when you have a known, secured location such as your home. A more exposed place like a theatre were rioters can break in any moment may be a different story.

Personally, if I have the chance and I see I have the room to do so, I would get into my vehicle and evacuate unless I gather more intel about the situation that convinces me otherwise.

These people, they easily could have been cornered, make a wrong turn and get pulled out of their vehicle and beaten to death.

In a defendable home, armed, then experience tells us that you are far more exposed and likely to get pulled out of your vehicle and attacked if leave the shelter.

As for driving during riots and civil unrest. It’s a bad idea to speed and just crash against anyone standing in front of you. I’ve honestly been caught in more riots, crowds and protests than I could possible remember. For years after 2001 it was practically a weekly occurrence for me, maybe even more often than that at times. What I can tell you is that you don’t want to floor the gas pedal, you want to move slowly but surely. Don’t stop, keep moving at slow speed pushing people out of the way and letting those that can, move out of the way themselves. Make no eye contact, stay calm and under no circumstances get off the vehicle, even if people start hitting your car.


Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”



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  1. I am not Hollywood liberal. In fact, I am a Conservative. My wife, with whom I have been in love since age 9, was not frozen in fear. In fact, she has a spine of steel and agreed with me that in order to protect our children we had to get out of the theater before the rioters broke on. I am not some helpless beta male, but spent 1973-1974 in Israel during the Yom Kippur War where my duties included counter terrorism in order to protect children’s dwellings on an exposed border kibbutz. I am also an Emmy Award winning screenwriter and, guess what, don’t schlep survival equipment to red carpet Hollywood premieres.

    • Hello Robert,
      You called that yourself:
      “I see it happening. A classic shot unwinding in slow motion: the mob swarms towards the DGA building, towards us: a thick wave of fury marching with a terrible velocity towards this cocoon of—there’s no way around this—Hollywood liberals.”
      Also, you said you didnt own a gun at the time and only considered doing so after the riots.
      We believe you can be prepated, armed with tools and knowledge, at all times. In a plane, office or movie theater. You can adapt your EDC (every day carry) to the given situation. That’s precisely the kind of topics we discuss in this website: how to be prepared. Disasters and emergencies (as you learned) occur when least expected, when its not convenient.
      I would have thought after your experience you would have started carrying at least some survival equipment around, even in red carpet Hollywood premieres. At least a flashlight like your wife does.
      Anyway, glad you and your family made it out unharmed.
      Kind regards and thank you for sharing your experience,

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