5 Steps: Preparing for Widespread Looting & Rioting


1)Have a gun. The moment to rush to the gun store to buy a firearm is not when looters are around the corner. Get it now. Any gun is better than no gun but you want a big bore handgun (for example a Glock) and a long arm, carbine or shotgun.



2)Get training. Owning a gun and not having professional training on how to use it is like having a car but not knowing how to drive it, and its just as dangerous. One of the store owners that got killed in the recent lootings that took place in Argentina died because he had no defensive shooting training and lacked proper tactics on how to deal with the situation.



3)Organize. Talk with your neighbors, get to know them. Some of your neighbors may end up on the looter’s side, so get to know them well ahead of time. If the rioting gets out of control, it is you and your neighbors that will build barricades, post guard and protect your own community.



4)Stock up on supplies. Food, water, fuel, first aid, means of cooking food if light goes out. Besides the obvious disaster kit supplies, some tactical gear would be invaluable as well. Body armor would be priceless for times like these, while bugging in or posting guard outside with your neighbors. A good flashlight and a radio would be very useful too.



5) Stay put. When there’s rioting on the streets the best thing you can do is stay put and avoid the risk of traveling. It is usually stores that looters go after but some do attack private residences  in which case a few shots are likely to send them away looking for an easier target. While there’s a small chance of looters going after private homes, it is much riskier to drive around in a city overrun by riot and looting. Not to mention, your home is much more likely to get picked clean with no one armed on the inside to look after it.




The World Ended With Honey Boo Boo


I hope you guys appreciate this. I just watched about two hours of Honey Boo Boo videos.  My IQ must have dropped 20% because of it and the images will haunt me forever. Gone are the days of the silly “realty shows”. It’s a new world out there people. There’s nothing you can do anymore that is stupid or degrading enough. We didn’t just lose our moral compass. Someone threw away the last compass mankind had and burned and erased all dictionaries so that we don’t even know what the word moral means anymore.

Yesterday I was talking with an American friend that is… well, lets call it disappointed with the way things are going these days in his country.  We talked about how things have been changing in the last few years, not only in America but the entire world. One thing lead to another and he sent me a link to South Park’s Honey Boo Boo episode, a parody about The Learning Channel’s most recent abomination. Yes people, abomination as in abhorrent monstrosity, offensive to the natural order of things.

I just wasn’t ready for it. After watching the South Park episode I watched the actual show. Compared to the real show, the South Park parody was refined world class humor.

We all know by now what garbage gets labeled as entertainment these days, and reality shows show the worst of what “reality” has to offer. I remember the days when Discovery and History channel were “boring” by the average guy’s standards, full of documentaries about space, nature or academic approaches to various social and cultural events. Today? Well, you know.

How can I explain what “Here comes Honey Boo Boo” represents?

Lets see. A morbidly obese family, including 7 year old “Honey Boo Boo”. This is a child overweight beyond what any doctor would consider healthy and yet fed in a way I wouldn’t feed my dog. That kid is being murdered with corn syrup. I’m not kidding. It’s a clearly morbidly obese child being fed fat and syrup in a deliberate attempt against its health. If live coverage of such neglect isn’t enough to have the child taken away by Child Protective Service I don’t know what else is needed.

 Any cheap and disgusting thing you’ve ever seen on TV is here. Farting, mucus eating and burping with constant references to how the family members look like pigs. TLC is as subtle as getting a haircut with a lawnmower with their swine references. A teen mother that doesn’t know what “abdomen” means.  A 33 year old grandmother with four kids from four different fathers living in filth, all of them with such poor speak skills, they constantly need subtitles as if they spoke in another language. Again, the not so subtle message here is these people aren’t even humans given that you shouldn’t need English subtitles for English speaking people, should you?

You have all the possible negative redneck stereotypes wrapped into one show: Fat, child beauty pageant obsession, southern accent, ignorance and fast food all edited for that extra disgusting effect and of course, the constant banjo music as icing on the cake. Its all about denigrating the South, about showing low income, welfare white people as sub human animals.

 Quiet, dignified, hard working southerner? No way, this is the ultimate freak show baby! We all know that no one “from the South” goes to college or even touches a book.  All educated Americans come from LA and New York of course. Lets grab a bunch of ignorant clowns, promiscuous, fat and stupid and lets show them doing stupid stuff while drinking corn syrup in a brutal race to diabetes, now that’s what “the South” is all about. Oh yeah!

At this point we have to ask ourselves, is this just a tragic accident? The stereotyping and discrimination towards what CNN calls “The South”, is obvious enough, but is this just an unfortunate series of events? Is TLC just trying to make a few more millions by feeding the mass of viewers what they want or is there something else going on here? In the South Park parody they talked about lowering the bar. Is this a deliberate attempt to lower the bar, right there to the floor where we can all just trip on it and break our necks?

I don’t believe much in coincidences and I especially don’t believe in THAT many coincidences. When you make a deliberate attempt to portrait a poor white southern family as the most disgusting pack of animals on the planet, a mockery of what the American family used to be, you sure as hell have an agenda. In case this is all too subtle for the average viewer, TLC throws in a plastic baby Jesus, toes eaten by rats, and Honey Boo Boo spitting in its face. Take that Bible Belt!

You know what’s worse? What makes you lose all hope ? Its not the millions watching it, because millions can watch it like they can watch a youtube clip of a plane crash or car accident. The worst part is something else.

The worst part is that people “like” it.

 As in they like it on youtube, facebook, social media. In general they do like it and feel this is just good ‘ol fun. Oh boy! Put me some of ‘em subtitles ‘cause I’m know no more how is spoke ‘em English!

Honey Boo Boo (God, brain cells do die each time I type this) isn’t about the decline of America. Sadly enough, Honey Boo Boo is what you have AFTER the collapse. This is the post-collapse American family people. As cheap and useless as it gets. This is what America has become, but not just America. This is what Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America has turned into as well. Its global. In UK parents burn down their house with their kids inside for the insurance. In Spain a 40 year old chops his parents to pieces with a sword because they don’t let him play videogames any more. The lowest common denominator indeed. You just cant get any lower than this, than people effectively transformed into a bunch of brute animals. Into Pigs. Pigs that speak, but barely so. They need subtitles after all.  TLC has gone Gorge Orwell on us.  

I leave you with the two most significant quotes of the 21th century, the ones that mark the collapse of western civilization, forget that, the collapse of all human kind.

“Honey Boo Boo endorsed me, so that’s a big relief.”

Barack Obama

“I wish I had an extra finger. Then I could grab more cheeseballs.”

 Honey Boo Boo

Squatters in Texas Town Use Arcane Law to Claim Vacant Homes


This sounds just like what you talked about in your book, where squatters move into people’s houses while they’re on vacation.




Hi Katy, that’s exactly the same thing that I’ve talked about here in the blog and my book.
It´s not that surprising though. Not only because of the economic crisis, but because of a factor not many people know. Argentina copied most of the US laws. Including those is one very similar to Adverse Possession. Like in US, if one can prove residence for 10 years, in which you inhabited the territory and cared for it, you can claim a legal right to such property in Argentina.

Of course these squatters are just running their mouth, but notice how it suddenly goes from a home invasion, to you being the one on the other side of your own door and even cops can’t kick them out, it has to go through legal channels. That takes a long time, time they live in your house!
Not only will this be yet another concern for people in the future, it also changes the game in terms of preparedness.

Given that these events will become more common as time goes by. How much sense does it make to have vacant property to use as the famous BOL (bug out location) A fully stocked place, left empty? You might wrap it up in gift paper and put a big red ribbon on top of it.
What about traveling, because of pleasure, work or true need like this person needing health treatment? Your house will be left empty for weeks, maybe months. Can you afford to have an isolated place or is it better to have a neighbor that can keep an eye on it for you? Are you sure someone can move in to your place, maybe leave their own empty, exactly when you need it?

How about “light control”? The ultimate survivalist strategy of pretending to be an empty house so as to not attract attention. How much sense does that make now? These people are specifically looking for empty houses!
Time goes by and things start getting more serious. The make believe and fantasy go their own way and the cold hard truth of what works and what doesn’t become evident.
Concentrate on real world preparedness folks. Its been years now since you could last afford to play fort and wait for the cannibal raiders to come.



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Situational Awareness



This has to be ONE OF THE BEST, IF NOT THE BEST article on the subject of being aware of your surroundings AT ALL TIMES.    I KNOW YOU KNOW IT, BUT EVERYONE ELSE NEEDS TO TAKE THIS TO HEART.

This guy covers almost everything.  I saw it and I KNEW you would want a copy.  This IS one of the better explanations I’ve seen in a LONG time.



Freedom From Fear: Spotting Trouble Before it Happens

By Kelly McCann aka “Jim Grover”
From Guns and Ammo

One of the most-asked questions during my street survival training is, “What am I going to see right before an attack?” That’s a good question. It tells me the student is concerned about avoiding the situation altogether, and wants as much time as possible to maximize his chances of survival.

Those things you are most likely to see before an attack are called “pre-incident indicators.” They are peculiar things you will recognize if you know what to look for. Any one of them alone is probably not enough to call out the cavalry, but when two or more appear, there is need for concern. If you pick up two or more of these indicators, take immediate steps to get out of the situation, place or activity in which you’re involved.

The first indicator is unnatural impediment to your movement. It doesn’t matter whether this is while you are walking, in your car or on a bicycle. When something stops you or causes you to go well out of your line of travel…beware.

Next is correlation of someone’s movement to your own. When you first notice someone is keeping pace with you, it should alarm you. You stop, they stop. You speed up but the distance doesn’t increase between you. The slim chance of two strangers regulating their pace so precisely is minuscule. Cross the street or go into a store. If the person stays with you, there may be something wrong.

Any sudden changes in status of a person(s) near you should make you think twice. For example, if you are walking along a city street and pass by two young adults who are leaning against a wall and they suddenly stop loitering and become pedestrians behind you, ask yourself why. What was it that made them decide to fall into step behind you? Regulate your pace differently and see if they are correlating to your movement. If they are, that’s two indicators and a strong possibility exists that they have something much more dubious in store for you.

If you have been stopped unnaturally in your movement, or if you are standing somewhere and you notice predatory movements, immediately take some kind of action to extricate yourself. Predatory movements include circling, two people moving in opposite directions around you, or one or more people moving around or away from you and another moving at you.

A verbal exchange initiated by a stranger is unique enough today to make you take pause. People are much less apt to ask a stranger anything anymore. Attacks can sometimes be predicated on things such as, “Got a dollar?,” “Do you know where. . .” or “What time is it?” Obviously, don’t be ready to launch into the offensive when this occurs. Simply take a step back away from the person addressing you and look to the sides quickly. It is doubtful the person talking is the attacker; usually the attack is coming from the side.

Target glancing or avenue-of-escape glancing is a fairly reliable indicator that something is about to happen. This furtive glancing indicates the criminal is sizing you up, identifying escape routes, confirming there are no police in the area and so forth. This is noticeable when you see a person glancing in your direction several times, then glancing away.

If a person is approaching on an oblique path that will intersect with your own, you should beware. This is commonly used as an access route to the target because it keeps the attacker in a blind spot the longest.

Whenever an approaching person has his hand hidden, causing unnatural movement, keep an eye on him until either the hand comes clear of the cover or the person passes. Felons typically have their gun, knife or club already out when they approach their victim. To conceal it as long as possible on their approach, they hold it discreetly behind their arm or leg or inside their coat.

Any bump, shove or push should alarm you. It may be a pick-pocket attempt, it may be a setup, it may be just an impatient person. Whatever the case, if this occurs you need to be alert.

The relative absence of other people and authorities provides the criminal an excellent time to attack. Singularly, this indicator is not necessarily a big deal. When coupled with one or two other indicators it has enormous implications. Remember, an attacker strikes when it is least advantageous for you.

As you walk along there is another indicator of which you should be aware. Since the advent of drive-by shootings, most people notice cars that pull alongside them in traffic. As you’re walking along, any automobile stopping alongside, slightly to the front or to the rear of you serves as ample warning to keep your eyes open. Any second pass of the same vehicle should likewise cause some concern.

You should also be wary of any obviously intoxicated person or group.

Have you ever noticed glances between strangers as they approach, impede, hail or otherwise interact with you? This occurs when criminals are just shy of launching their attack. They’re looking at each other to ensure each is ready, taking one last quick look for cops, and glancing at the escape route to make sure it is clear. If the criminal is alone, it will look the same.

Any time you are confronted by more than one person and the first is in your face, keep your eyes not only on him but on the calmest appearing individual in a verbal altercation. Keep looking at the whole picture until you have to strike, then pick one target and strike.

Obvious attempts at baiting you are conducted only to cause a confrontation. Don’t take the bait. Stay calm, keep your hands up and ready to strike or block, and keep moving. If there are other people in the area, move toward them and gain their attention.

Well, there you have it–some views of that picture seconds before something bad happens. As I said, any one of these things alone is probably not cause for concern; two or three of them should make you twinge with anticipation. If you wait any longer to act you’ll be down to split seconds, and the chances of avoiding or surviving are exponentially decreased.


Unnatural impediment to your movement

Correlation of someone’s movement to your own.

Any sudden change in a person’s status as you get near or pass them.

Predatory movements (circling, two or more people moving in opposite directions, etc.)

Any verbal exchange initiated by a stranger

Target glancing

Persons closing on you from an oblique angle that intersects with your path.

A hand hidden that causes unnatural movement by someone as they walk toward you.

Bumps, shoves, pushes or grabs

Relative absence of other people or authorities

Automobiles stopping alongside you or slightly to the front or rear as you walk along

Any obvious intoxicated person

Any second pass of a vehicle

Obvious attempts at baiting you

Glances between strangers as they approach, impede, hail or otherwise interact with you

The calmest-appearing individual in a verbal altercation; not always the guy in your face

(Kelly McCann has a series of DVDs called “Combatives for Street Survival” )
Combatives for Street Survival V.1: Index Positions, The Guard and Combative Strikes

Look Alive!


I was thinking of his post’s title and how it could maybe be interpreted as a contradiction regarding the low profile post I made previously.

This is something Baigorria mentioned in the close combat class I took a few weeks ago, the importance of looking alive, awake and alert.

You can keep your mouth shut, dress down and use certain clothes colors and patterns that don’t attract attention and still look and be vigilant and alert.
How is this not a contradiction?
It’s because this kind of awareness works at a different level, and normal folks aren’t looking for the alert guy. Criminals are.
Baigorria mentioned, and I completely agree with him by the way, that criminals look for a certain victim profile, and they are usually excellent judges of character.
It’s not only the way you look, (rich, poor, bank runner carrying money), or your physical condition (big, small, strong, capable of putting up a fight), they also notice if you are aware and ready for trouble.
Standing or walking straight, arms crossed over your chest or at lest brought to the chest bone level, pretending to rub them to stay warm, massaging the wrist or simply playing with your knuckles, any excuse to keep your hands ¾ ready from a fighting guard position.
Hands ready, standing straight, and LOOKING.
Look around you, step and look 180º behind you, not paranoid but vigilant, moving your head sideways, scanning the people as you stand or walk, looking to their faces. Every couple seconds, you must cover the 360º so as to be sure who’s approaching you from all sides. Sounds paranoid? After a while it becomes second nature.
You ARE aware, but you look aware too. The person that is going about his business wont notice any of this, but the criminal looking for a victim will, and will certainly take it into consideration when selecting a potential victim.
The more alive you look, and the more aware you truly are, the better.
Even petty everyday pickpocketers or bag snatchers will choose a more “sheeply” victim.
You’ll truthfully be more aware of your surroundings, ready to react in case anything happens, ordinary or extraordinary.
At first it’s a mental exercise, you have to consciously do it. After a few weeks its like driving a car, you don’t think of every little thing you do, you just do it without consciously thinking every step.


Awareness, gear and expiration dates


Anonymous said…
I have an off topic comment here…

Hi Ferfal,

I’m have a small dilemma and I’d like to get your view on this.

Background first. I live in the suburbs and work in San Francisco. I take public transit (BART) to work.

As you might already know, SF is full of homeless people and general weirdos.

To help block out the train noise and other people talking on their mobile phone etc, I put on my ipod pretty much 100% of the time.

I keep the volume pretty low so that I can still maintain situation awareness.

So here is my delimma — the pros of having my head phones on is that I can pretend to not hear the homeless and the weirdos on the street asking for
hand outs or asking me to buy their stuff — they tend to keep their distance if you don’t react to them. The cons is, of course, this makes me appear to have low/no situation awareness, which could make me a more attractive target to the bad guys.

We’re not at a point that I’d want to react violently to every street person I encounter (quite a few daily)


I think I told this before once.
One day I was going to work in the train that goes to Constitucion.
I wont waste much time describing it, anyone the ever set foot on the “Roca” railroad knows it’s the stuff nightmares are made of, crowded, dangerous, infested with thieves, smell like piss, it’s a total disaster, but since it’s the cheapest form of transportation, it’s crowded far beyond it’s capacity.
Traveling in that train was one of the main reasons why I started using steel toed shoes, you just can’t avoid having people step on you all the time during rush hour, it’s worse than a can of sardines.
Anyway, I was like you, trying to avoid the smelly reality with some Mp3 music when suddenly I see everyone around me flinch, look in one direction simultaneously, and duck. Everyone except the idiot with the headset (me).
I knew better but like you, I wanted some distraction. By the time I realize what’s going on I turn around and see a “gendarme” ( military police) running in one direction.
I never knew what happened, didn’t care much. All I know is that if that had been shots, I would have been the only idiot left standing while everyone else ducks and hits the floor. It’s a mistake I wont be making any more.
Nomad over at Minion’s forum told me he uses just one ear bud, so as to be able to hear what’s going on around you. It sure is a good idea. You don’t get that stereo sound, but at least you aren’t so vulnerable.
I just resist the temptation and just dont use anything that can impair my hearing any more, in any way. So the mp3 player stays at home form now on. Besides, it attracts the attention of thieves.

Hi Ferfal:

I have come up with some questions if that is okay. Here it goes:

1. Can you provide a link for the solar powered hand crank battery charger (for regular batteries, not cell phone batteries);
2. You have recommended LED flashlights, do you have a link for your favorite one? I only saw the headlamps on your sight;
3. I have some storage questions:
· Can medicines such as: Alleve, Ibufrofen; aspirin and multi-vitamins be stored in the refrigerator for long term storage?
· I am also storing toiletries such as bar soap, shampoo, toothpaste, how can these be stored to maximize storage life?

Thanks for all your help.

1- Using that same charger ( the one that has the wire to charge the cell phone), you can hook it to a regular RW or other regular battery charger unit and charge batteries. You only need a wire adaptor that fits, or a spare set of wires cut and fit with alligator clips.
Still, I ‘ve done it with the hand crank and believe me, it’s a waste of time. It’s much better to leave it under the sun and let the solar panel recharge it.
Either that or simply get a dedicated solar charger,


2. The LED headlamp by energizer is one of my favorites. For most uses, I’ve always favored head lamps because they are so practical and allow you to use both hands.
My wife made fun of me and yes, the word “dork” was mentioned.
It only took one try during a blackout for her to ask me to get her one for herself. :)

For normal flashlights, pick one of the excellent Fenix lights
Try sticking to AA or AAA lights, and the ones that use LED.
Some have variable lumens and can double as “tactical” lights without needing the more expensive 123 batteries.
These are the kind f items that are well worth the bit of extra money.
Alleve, Ibufrofen and aspirin, I’ve used some that were a year past the expiration date and worked ok.
Aspirin I’ve had some that was even older, + 2 years, and it still stopped my headache.
As long as you keep them in a dark, cool, dry place, the expiration date in these is a bit more forgiving.
Vitamins, no, you have to keep track and rotate because they loose efficiency quick.
Id’ avoid storing in the refrigerator because of the humidity and extreme temp. Rather keep in a dry dark place and try to rotate as required.
Soap pretty much lasts forever, and I’ve used toothpaste that was many years old with no problem other than the paste drying up and needing to pop some of it out with a nail.
Toiletries store well. Again, a year or two give or take, but still try to rotate.
I’ve used shampoo that was almost a year beyond it’s expiration date and it was perfect.
Keep in mind that aromas ( shampoo, perfume ) degrades in time, say 5 years or more. I’ve had some perfume smell rather bad after 10 years, some last better than others but expect the smell to change for the worse, even if the shampoo clean just as well.
For the year or two you plan to keep in hand and rotate, it wont be a problem.


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