40 S&W One shot Stopping power? (VIDEO)



You need to check this out.  Dashcam video of an Oregon trooper shootout on the side of the road.

The guy was pulled over for whatever reason.  He then started firing at the trooper who fired back.  They guy was hit in the chest.  I believe there is a moment in the video where you can see his clothes move so you can tell it’s the moment he was hit.  Didn’t knock him back or anything.  He was able to keep firing, then get back in his car.  He was hit so severely that he died 1/2 a mile away.  Toxicology tests would determine if he had anything in his system that allowed him to take the hit.

This is a perfect example of not only choosing the right caliber but the right load and bullet type.  Would love to know what type of round the police officer used.  Whatever he had, it didn’t have that much stopping power.



Thanks for your email. The pistol was a Glock in 40S&W, ammo used was some quality JHP with good stopping power reputation.  I’m more curious about exactly where he got shot in the torso. That tends to matter more than the caliber and brand of ammo.
 This video has several important lessons:
1)The suspect was hit only once in the chest with a 40 S&W (expect to miss in a gunfight… a lot) and even though he was later found dead he clearly was still capable of both shooting back and escaping.  Guns aren’t death rays people. Carry a powerful caliber that you can handle and shoot fast and accurately but fully expect to continue shooting until the threat is stopped. 
2)The officer did everything he was supposed to. He saw the strange behavior, the hands behind his back, but kept his cool until he saw that the suspect was armed. Wit and quick reaction saved the officers life, even though he did get shot he’s in no danger, probably thanks to body armor. Body Armor is a great thing to have when there’s a chance of getting shot. Still something very much overlooked by most people.
3)Everything that can go wrong will most likely go wrong in a gunfight. The suspect accidentally engages the magazine release and drops the magazine of his weapon, something that may have saved the officers life. Think about that next time you consider changing your Glocks tiny mag release for an extended tacticool one you were told all high speed low drag operators use!



“Active Shooter: What You Can Do” FEMA Course

I found this just a couple days before the Washington Navy Yard shooting.
It’s a good read, although of course it does completely ignore the fact that a tool does exist designed specifically for personal protection against such mad men. It goes without saying that FEMA does not recommend having this defensive tool with you, which common sense dictates would be the obvious thing to do so as to be well prepared in case of a mad man attack.
The course is presented both as material for the instructor and how to present the course and material for the student as well.
Given these recent shootings and nothing indicating they are about to stop any time soon, I think it is worth reading, sharing among family and coworkers and maybe even organize a course with the material provided.

Colt Defender Tactical Pen With LED Light

Even though Tactical Pens are all over the place these days I’m not much of a fan. They carry much of a stigma and could even get you in trouble in airports and other places where the security is tight, while not being that much different in terms of their use as an improvised defensive tool compared to any other pen of solid construction.


Having said that, I looked around for some time and decided to give the Colt Defender Tactical pen a try. I can say I’m pleasantly surprised by it. 








Rather than just a self-defense tool, which is usually how they are marketed the Colt Defender has features that could also come in hand during certain emergency scenarios.


Glass Breaker: The hard carbide tip would break glass with ease. I’m thinking of getting out of cars after accidents, escaping buildings due to threats, fire, shootings. The overall sturdiness of the pen means it can be used as a poking/prying/tearing tool too. Not ideal but better than nothing to break through wooden doors or dry walls. 






LED light: While not very powerful, its still a button battery LED light. It is bright enough to find your way around a building after a blackout. The LED is located in the clipped cap, so you could use it as a headlamp thanks to the clip if you have a baseball cap to go with it. 


DNA collector: DNA would be all over the pen, but on the end where you have the LED light you have a jagged crown around the emitter. Its not too sharp so as to cut through pockets and such, but if jammed against soft tissue (think bad guys face) it will cause lacerations. 


Aluminum Kubotan: The shape is somewhat similar to other tactical pens, tapered towards the ends. One end has the glass breaker carbide tip, the other will have the cap with the jagged DNA collector or the exposed tip of the pen. The aircraft grade aluminum construction is very solid.


Writing: And yes of course, it also writes. It uses a Parker refill, easy to find. The cap just clicks into place, which is MUCH more convenient for constant daily use than screw-on caps. The pen feels a bit heavy, but unless you write short novels or do lots of sketching its not something that will bother you.

In conclusion, I think it’s a nice solid pen that could do well in some of these roles that aren’t just limited to self-defense applications. It could also come in handy for breaking and some limited prying, as well as having a small LED which could be of great use if needed for someone that may not carry a flashlight at all times.



What Happens When you get Cut or Stabbed?


10 Tips Before & After a Self-Defense Shooting



1)Make sure you survive. Make sure the bad guy is no longer a threat and be ready to face his friends if there are any. The home invader is down, he’s not moving and you carefully kicked the gun/knife away from him, but is he alone, or is there someone in the next room just waiting to shoot you? Is there an accomplice outside?

2)Stay put, don’t leave the scene of the shooting since this could be consider fleeing. The only case in which you should leave and its acceptable to do so is when staying there puts your life at risk.

3)Call 911 and report the incident, keep it simple. “Someone broke into my home” “Someone attacked me”. Don’t give any details. Don’t worry, the dispatcher will ask plenty of questions. Your answers should be short and to the point, as short as possible with no further details. You will be nervous, so do your best to control yourself and keep your mouth shut. Make sure you request an ambulance, no matter if he’s dead still ask for an ambulance. No, unless you’re a doctor do not touch or provide medical assistance to your attacker. Simply call 911, ask for an ambulance and let experts handle it. Call your lawyer as soon as possible after that.

4)Don’t touch or move anything. It will be considered tampering with evidence. No, you wont “trick” any forensic experts by moving dead bodies or tampering with the scene. You’ll only land yourself in jail.

5)Take photos of the attack, any weapon he may have used, take more photos further away of the general scene. Use the camera to film everything and everyone around you , 360 degrees. Make sure you have a cell phone with a good camera for this purpose. Don’t talk to witnesses about what happened but do ask them for their name and phone number so as to have witnesses.

6)When the cops arrive, make sure you have no weapon at hand. Holstering your firearm is just fine. Don’t make any sudden movements and do ot draw it if the cops ask if you are armed. Simply say yes, and explain that your gun is holstered without moving your hands or touching anything. If it’s a long arm or you simple don’t have a holster, just leave it on the floor and step away.

7)”What happened here? well officer,  I double tapped this scumbag in the chest and landed a nice shot in his forehead as he was going down. Those JHPs sure did their job! I “looked for his friends” as I had trained and when I found none I did a tactical reload. They say killing someone is a big deal but being honest I don’t regret it one bit. Heck, between you and me, it feels nice cleaning the streets some, I’ll sleep better tonight knowing this guy is well ventilated”. No, no, no. Don’t talk with the police. Anything you say can and will be used against you, nothing you say can help you. Just tell the officer that you want to talk with your lawyer. Massad Ayoob, recurrent expert witness, says you should say you will sign a complaint and you’ll fully cooperate after talking with you lawyer. Nothing else, the less you talk, the better.

Before the shooting:

1)Be normal, don’t be the neighborhood’s nutjob. Get training, so as to know how to use your firearm properly and get information on your local laws regarding shootings and self-defense.

2)Shoot to stop, never to wound. A person fearing for his life tries to stop his attacker, not just wound him, torture him or cause him pain. No jury will see it as humane, instead it will be seen as proof of you not fearing for your life and misusing a lethal weapon. Intentionally “wounding” someone with a firearm means you’ll spend most of your natural life paying for the injuries, disability and grief you caused. Your “wounded” home invader can now spend his life watching TV while you support him.

3)Avoid problems to begin with. Don’t be friends with stupid people, frequent dangerous places and avoid bad habits such as excessive drinking and drug abuse. That way you avoid this huge mess in the first place.


“Don’t kill my grandpa, I’ll give you mi toys”.




“Don’t kill my grandpa, I’ll give you mi toys”.

The pleads for mercy by his grandchild weren’t enough to save 74 year old Victor Granada, shot through the heart last night during a robbery attempt in his residence located in La Matanza, Buenos Aires. The two robbers also shot Victor’s 36 year old son who is now hospitalized in critical condition. According to the mother’s child, Mr. Granada´s grandson told the robbers ““Don’t kill my grandpa, I’ll give you mi toys” when they threatened to kill his grandfather.

It seems that word got around that Mr. Granada had property for rent and had received payments for it recently. Turns out that the tip was inaccurate and he had no money to surrender which may have angered the criminals.

Both criminals, one armed with a handgun and the other one armed with a knife, managed to escape after shooting both men and stealing a few valuables.

Consider the following:

*They entered through the main door, quickly forcing the security metal door. In 99% of homes, doors can simply be kicked opened. (and 99% of people thing their door is MUCH stronger than it actually is)

*Loose lips sink ships. They went after them because they knew the guy had property up for rent and thought there was rent money there. Don’t tell others about your business, lie if you have to but anything that sounds like money can be the cause of your doom in a violent society where crime is out of control. Most people just talk about everything and have no regard about these sort of things. As the world keeps moving, you better adapt before you end up learning the hard way.

*They just shot the old man, no mercy was shown so learn to expect none, same for the son. Which brings me to the much mentioned moral debate of killing in self-defense. It seems that putting down one of these animals scars you for life, that you live in regret and see their faces every time you close your eyes. Ah, Hollywood can be so sentimental. Brutal honesty moment here?  Maybe that´s the kind of thing people debate about in SoHo NY while sipping green tea. In the “conurbano” of Buenos Aires there’s no such philosophical ponderations, we know perfectly well that you do the world a favor by ending the evil lives of these walking scumbags.


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