10 Tips Before & After a Self-Defense Shooting



1)Make sure you survive. Make sure the bad guy is no longer a threat and be ready to face his friends if there are any. The home invader is down, he’s not moving and you carefully kicked the gun/knife away from him, but is he alone, or is there someone in the next room just waiting to shoot you? Is there an accomplice outside?

2)Stay put, don’t leave the scene of the shooting since this could be consider fleeing. The only case in which you should leave and its acceptable to do so is when staying there puts your life at risk.

3)Call 911 and report the incident, keep it simple. “Someone broke into my home” “Someone attacked me”. Don’t give any details. Don’t worry, the dispatcher will ask plenty of questions. Your answers should be short and to the point, as short as possible with no further details. You will be nervous, so do your best to control yourself and keep your mouth shut. Make sure you request an ambulance, no matter if he’s dead still ask for an ambulance. No, unless you’re a doctor do not touch or provide medical assistance to your attacker. Simply call 911, ask for an ambulance and let experts handle it. Call your lawyer as soon as possible after that.

4)Don’t touch or move anything. It will be considered tampering with evidence. No, you wont “trick” any forensic experts by moving dead bodies or tampering with the scene. You’ll only land yourself in jail.

5)Take photos of the attack, any weapon he may have used, take more photos further away of the general scene. Use the camera to film everything and everyone around you , 360 degrees. Make sure you have a cell phone with a good camera for this purpose. Don’t talk to witnesses about what happened but do ask them for their name and phone number so as to have witnesses.

6)When the cops arrive, make sure you have no weapon at hand. Holstering your firearm is just fine. Don’t make any sudden movements and do ot draw it if the cops ask if you are armed. Simply say yes, and explain that your gun is holstered without moving your hands or touching anything. If it’s a long arm or you simple don’t have a holster, just leave it on the floor and step away.

7)”What happened here? well officer,  I double tapped this scumbag in the chest and landed a nice shot in his forehead as he was going down. Those JHPs sure did their job! I “looked for his friends” as I had trained and when I found none I did a tactical reload. They say killing someone is a big deal but being honest I don’t regret it one bit. Heck, between you and me, it feels nice cleaning the streets some, I’ll sleep better tonight knowing this guy is well ventilated”. No, no, no. Don’t talk with the police. Anything you say can and will be used against you, nothing you say can help you. Just tell the officer that you want to talk with your lawyer. Massad Ayoob, recurrent expert witness, says you should say you will sign a complaint and you’ll fully cooperate after talking with you lawyer. Nothing else, the less you talk, the better.

Before the shooting:

1)Be normal, don’t be the neighborhood’s nutjob. Get training, so as to know how to use your firearm properly and get information on your local laws regarding shootings and self-defense.

2)Shoot to stop, never to wound. A person fearing for his life tries to stop his attacker, not just wound him, torture him or cause him pain. No jury will see it as humane, instead it will be seen as proof of you not fearing for your life and misusing a lethal weapon. Intentionally “wounding” someone with a firearm means you’ll spend most of your natural life paying for the injuries, disability and grief you caused. Your “wounded” home invader can now spend his life watching TV while you support him.

3)Avoid problems to begin with. Don’t be friends with stupid people, frequent dangerous places and avoid bad habits such as excessive drinking and drug abuse. That way you avoid this huge mess in the first place.


“Don’t kill my grandpa, I’ll give you mi toys”.




“Don’t kill my grandpa, I’ll give you mi toys”.

The pleads for mercy by his grandchild weren’t enough to save 74 year old Victor Granada, shot through the heart last night during a robbery attempt in his residence located in La Matanza, Buenos Aires. The two robbers also shot Victor’s 36 year old son who is now hospitalized in critical condition. According to the mother’s child, Mr. Granada´s grandson told the robbers ““Don’t kill my grandpa, I’ll give you mi toys” when they threatened to kill his grandfather.

It seems that word got around that Mr. Granada had property for rent and had received payments for it recently. Turns out that the tip was inaccurate and he had no money to surrender which may have angered the criminals.

Both criminals, one armed with a handgun and the other one armed with a knife, managed to escape after shooting both men and stealing a few valuables.

Consider the following:

*They entered through the main door, quickly forcing the security metal door. In 99% of homes, doors can simply be kicked opened. (and 99% of people thing their door is MUCH stronger than it actually is)

*Loose lips sink ships. They went after them because they knew the guy had property up for rent and thought there was rent money there. Don’t tell others about your business, lie if you have to but anything that sounds like money can be the cause of your doom in a violent society where crime is out of control. Most people just talk about everything and have no regard about these sort of things. As the world keeps moving, you better adapt before you end up learning the hard way.

*They just shot the old man, no mercy was shown so learn to expect none, same for the son. Which brings me to the much mentioned moral debate of killing in self-defense. It seems that putting down one of these animals scars you for life, that you live in regret and see their faces every time you close your eyes. Ah, Hollywood can be so sentimental. Brutal honesty moment here?  Maybe that´s the kind of thing people debate about in SoHo NY while sipping green tea. In the “conurbano” of Buenos Aires there’s no such philosophical ponderations, we know perfectly well that you do the world a favor by ending the evil lives of these walking scumbags.


What if you cant have guns?



Hi Fernando, I have been reading your blog for over a year, and just

bought your book. I really loved it!

You strongly promote gun ownership in your book and blog, and

unfortunately that doesn’t work for me… I live in a first world

country where gun ownership is restricted to begin with. And, I live

in a small and isolated community of about 2000 people that has a

strict bylaw stating no one is allowed to have a gun in the community

of any sort, period. People have had their guns confiscated and never

got them back. If I had $100k, I might be able to launch a

constitutional challenge, but I don’t. And, there hasn’t been a gun

crime here in 30+ years at least, so most people here strongly support

the rule. It’s a small island with no animal predators, so there is no

issue with wolves or bears or anything.

Anyways, long story short, in absence of guns, do you recommend any

other range weapons such as a bow or crossbow for home defense

(obviously not EDC)? Or just sticking to some good knives?

Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks!



Hi Craig, your question is the reason why I wrote so much about using a knife for defense in my book, “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse”. Everyone has a 10” “Chef” knife in their kitchen and its legal everywhere.

Now, before I answer your question: ANY gun is better than no gun at all. Double barrel shotgun? Legal nearly everywhere and heck, until very recent times it was favored by police officers as the go gun for entry before going to their sidearms. Of course, today you have better options, but still, any gun, a 12ga shotgun, a 22LR carbine, anything is better than no firearm at all, and the case where no gun is available is very rare. Remember there’s a world of a difference between banned and “restricted”. Restricted means there’s hope, it shouldn’t stop you. Join a hunting club, shoot skeet for a year, if there’s ways of doing it that should be your goal. If guns are simply out of the question then a crossbow would be better than a bow. It requires less skill to use and has the more simple point/shoot user interface.

80 Lbs Self Cocking Crossbow Pistol Cross Bow 15 Arrows

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package (Quiver , 3 – 20-Inch Arrows and Premium Red Dot Sight)


The problem here is that they cant be left loaded so you’ll need time to get a bolt set, they tend to be bulky (at least the powerful ones are) and you only have one shot that will be of limited efficiency compared to say, a shotgun. I would complement the crossbow with edged weapons. A Cold Steel spear would give you great range, they are used for boar hunting and would mess up a home intruder nicely. Finally machetes and other big knives are pretty effective as well, but you have to get very close to use them.

Cold Steel Boar Spear, Ash Wood Handle 95BOA
Cold Steel Boar Spear, Ash Wood Handle 95BOA

I try to be careful about these questions because too often people get the wrong idea, and they start talking about bows, knives, swords and ninja stars when firearms are perfectly legal to buy.

This lady that called during a certain radio interview I did, she said she was practicing with her crossbow for defense because it was more silent and the bolts could be used again… Lady, you’re not a 17th century ninja . And why do you need stealth for self defense? The louder the better when someone breaks into you property and you want everyone and their uncle to know about it so that they call the cops or come in your aid. She sounded as if she lived in Louisiana, get a freaking gun for crying out loud!

Having to get by without firearms is bad, but while you always have some option for defense, don’t forget that “hard to get” is a world of a difference from “impossible to get”.

Finally, I leave you with this thought. You mention people getting their guns confiscated and never getting them back. You have to ask yourself this question and make up your mind about this. Is that all you’re risking? If my choices are being armed and risking losing a 500 USD gun if I ever have to use it, to me that’s 500 USD well spent. Even if it means a fine, 10.000 bucks worth of fine if I ever end up using it, my life is worth that and much more. You mentioned 30 years without a crime. That’s great, hopefully you have it and never have to use it and no one will ever now. Most important, you never TELL anyone about it unless they end up knowing because you use it to save your live. If a gated community has policies like that, I’d just risk it none the less. My life and the life of my family is worth much more even if chances of needing it are unlikely. That being said if that’s not the case and you really cant have a firearm the above applies.

Good luck!!


Guns, OC Spray and halfhearted Preparedness



I simply don’t get it. While I am a gun owner, I have **bear spray** in my room. Bear spray will **categorically** stop even a charging grizzly (I refer you to the top grizzly bear expert in the world, Stephen Herrero, at Univ. of Calgary, for verification). With bear spray (not the wimpy, short-distance human stuff), I don’t have to worry about bullet penetration through walls, kids getting into it (it sure will hurt, but it’s not fatal), having a precise aim, or killing some teenage prankster (I had a friend many years ago in high school who was killed breaking into factory on a lark). Yes, there is a place for guns, and, as noted, I own a number. But right now, in suburbia, this is my first choice. Maybe when things get much more out of control I will change tactics, but not at present.


I’m addressing this because I’m afraid that some readers may be doing these same mistakes and may one day pay for it with their lives.

I’m not familiar with this grizzly bear expert but I can assure you one thing, no spray of any kind will stop a charging big animal on its tracks at short range, let alone a bear, while a bullet in the brain or spine will indeed do the trick even if just inches away. Same goes for armed criminals. Bear Spray sure works, but you are greatly overestimating its usefulness.
If an armed intruder breaks into your home and you do what you claim, two things will happen. First, you’ll fill the room with bear spray, affecting everyone in it including yourself. Second, the armed intruder will start shooting in your direction, maybe even hit you, and now you have a pissed criminal shooting in your house sending rounds himself through the walls, those same rounds you didn’t trust yourself to fire. By now you’re probably realizing your mistake and desperately looking for your firearm to put down the intruder that keeps shooting inside this deathtrap you created yourself. Blinded, struggling to breathe, your entire face burning and your eyes tearing out of control, getting hold of your gun in this cloud of bear spray is much easier said than done. And the bad guy keeps shooting killing you kids, your cat, and the neighbor’s dog. Lets be optimistic and assume its only ONE intruder, rather than the usual two or more.

Another thing, and this is something I’ve often addressed. You wont get any invitation to SHTF, burglars will not email you before breaking in. How will you know when “things get much more out of control”? When a break-in happens in your neighborhood? When two happen a year? Two a month? What if that one break-in is you? There’s no official “out of control” day, you have to do these things now, or maybe just not do them at all. Having a firearm for self-defense yet not trusting yourself to use one clearly shows you’re now sure about the idea of armed self-defense and owning guns for that purpose simply  isn’t a good idea.

I don’t know where you’re from, but back home and here in Northern Ireland, its already bad enough to jump into someone´s back yard, let alone break and entry. Someone that breaks into a house isn’t a teenage prankster, he’s someone that can get rightfully shot in most US states!

OC Spray has its place, so does bear spray (outdoors!) and guns, and knives. You can have lots of weapons depending on where you are and whats legal there, but the only thing you CANT have is doubt. Going about it half-hearted is the kind of mistake that gets people killed. While you are doubting and making up your mind about this home invader that just broke in, asking yourself if he’s just a teenage prankster, just a misguided youth, maybe a disturbed young man looking for drugs or stuff to steal and sell, maybe a poor man with mental disorders that simply want to break in and rape women in their homes, while you decide if the person is dangerous or not and if you should use a gun or not, this person already shot you ten times, stabbed you twelve  and is having his way with your family.


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Video: Pregnant Woman Shot

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This happened yesterday in Buenos Aires, Castelar.

10.07PM  a young couple arrives home. The pregnant woman “keeps an eye” on things, while the husband parks the car in the garage. A criminals rushes in, struggles with the husband and shoots the pregnant woman. She’s in critical condition, the baby died today.

What went wrong here? First of all, this is Argentina, ok? Its not a normal country. I’ve blogged about this more than enough I believe. In normal countries there is crime, but its not this bad. In Argentina, every morning, “sabes que salis, pero no sabes si volves” (you know you leave, but you dont know if you will make it back).

Some of the mistakes made in this case.

1)Some of my friends in Argentina, they don’t enter the car to the garage. They prefer to leave it outside and make a quicker entry to the house. This is standard procedure for many.

2)The wife was obviously looking around when he was entering the car to the garage. It was clear to me that she knew well it was a dangerous moment. Problem is, what could she do if someone did come after them like it ended up happening? Just looking doesn’t work when there’s actually dangerous people out there. The way I did it was parking with the gun ready, looking yes, but ready to throw lead in their direction if something like that happened. You drive in, gun drawn and in your hand, looking around expecting these bastards to come after you. That´s how you mentally prepare yourself. That’s how instead of being surprised, you have a target to shoot.

3)The husband struggled with the attacker, and the attacker instinctively did what we often do it training: Use the “sacrifice” hand to create distance and keep the adversary away from our weapon. The husband then does another mistake, instead of keep going at him, closing distance and trying to get control of the gun, punch or kick him, he hesitates and stays back. That’s when the criminals puts a round into the chamber and instead of shooting the husband, does what his natural evil nature dictates and shoots the pregnant woman instead. Notice how in this case, if the husband had at least grabbed one of the criminals hand, he wouldn’t have been able to rack the slide and put a round in the chamber. If he had continued fighting, he could have stopped him from shooting at all. For this same reason, if you carry a firearm, you NEVER carry in condition 3, empty chamber.



Types of Criminals



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