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Interview with Dan from TheDailyPrep


Two interviews with Dan from TheDailyPrep
Unfortunately you can only see me on the video but it was still nice talking with Dan and I think you will enjoy the two chats we had. I really like Dan’s relaxed and  down to Earth approach to preparedness.

5 Steps to become a Gray Man


In this photo taken with a fisheye lens, people protest Monday, Aug. 18, 2014, for Michael Brown, who was killed by police Aug. 9 in Ferguson, Mo. Brown's shooting has sparked more than a week of protests, riots and looting in the St. Louis suburb. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

It’s a crazy world out there and it keeps getting more bizarre each day. We are seeing increased levels of social tension world wide, with cameras recording your every move, social media companies knowing you better than you know yourself and passing along that information to the government. As if that wasn’t enough, we have people becoming more radicalized, more distrustful and more violent. Online fraud costs people millions each year. Unfortunately this is the world we live in today and its more important than ever to go unnoticed.


1)Dressing to become invisible

Avoid wearing clothes with bright colors, unusual designs or large, memorable logos or designs. Typical clothes, the kind most people around you would be wearing, and going for mostly darker, better blending colors is a good idea. Jeans and tshirt, black, dark gray and blue are just some of the possible colors to go for, but avoid wearing loud colored clothes or accessories whenever possible.

Jason Borune’s movie comes to mind here. “You! Red Bag, Red Bag, stop right there!”

Many times criminals asses the socioeconomic level of their target by the brand of clothes he or she is wearing. Avoid clothes that are too expensive, same goes for shoes, bags, jewelry and cellphones.


2)Avoiding noticeable features

Avoid the noticeable features that can be used to quickly to identify you. Try not to be the guy with the big skull tattoo in his forearm, or the girl with a pound of piercing in her face or the one with blue hair.  Not only are these already saying way too much about you to everyone around you, you are also making it much eaiser to detect you or find you when asking around.


3)Watch your body language

While you want to look alert and aware, you don’t want to seem too cocky so that others may sense it as a challenge, and you sure don’t want cops showing up at your door. Sometimes guys that have been in the military can´t avoid behaving and moving a certain way, and its not that hard to tell if someone is military based on body language alone. Also what you do will impact people around you, even the police. They may feel threatened, or that you are out looking for trouble. You want to be firm, but also polite to everyone and your body language should project just that.


4)Careful with what you say

The last thing you want is everyone in your block or your social circle knowing how big of a “survivalist” you are, or how much money you made with the recent car/house sale or that you got a big bonus from work. Most kidnappings and many robberies take place because someone couldnt keep thier mouth shut. Avoid voicing your opinions on politics and religion, if you do, be as conservative as possible until you know who you’re dealing with and who’s listening.


5)Careful what you post online

Nothing goes away. Everything you ever wrote online has been recorded and kept in some database.

Be very careful about posting personal information in Facebook, Twitter and in forums. All of it, everything you ever posted or even just wrote and then erased, its all stored. Facebook has been used many times to see who’s on holydays, when you can break into their home and what  kind of stuff you can expect to find once there.

Online profiles have been used to scam and steal from people. ID theft can be a nightmare that takes years to get rid of and it happens every day.  I’m not even mentioning the loss of liberty, the intrusion of the government and how they have incredibly accurate profiles on everyone’s online history. You’re not nearly as anonymous as you probably think you are.



Prepper Myth#5: The Prepper Team/Group

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State of Emergency in Ohio: They can’t even boil their Water



Hi Fernando–What a horrible situation in parts of Ohio where their

water became so contaminated they are told they cannot even boil the

water to make it drinkable. How would you handle that situation if it

happened to you? Thanks…..



Hello J,

Check this link to see what its like for people trying to buy water in Toledo.

The situation is very bad. It seems that water in the area is contaminated due to algae in the area, mostly in Lake Erie, which releases a toxin called microcystin when it decays. The algae grows best in warm, shallow waters like those of Lake Erie. It can’t be boiled, boiling only concentrates the toxin. What about filters? Even filters such as Berkey filters have their limitations. They are capable of filtering pathogens and microorganisms, but getting rid of a cyanotoxins is a different story.

The way I would deal with the situation would be this:

I’d drink the water I have stored, and refill with rain, which in Ireland you would have the opportunity to do so every couple days. While weather is a disadvantage here in general terms, mostly due to the cloudy weather, at the same time the abundance of water is a key strategic asset. Its no accident either. I came here taking into account both the pros and cons, and the availability of water is something I take very seriously. If you look at the rule of 3 it says you cant live 3 minutes without air, 3 hours of exposure, 3 days without water or 3 weeks without food.

In just a matter of days, shortages and price gouging of water became the norm in Ohio.

People don’t realize how fast they would get thirsty and need water. Food people may go for a day until they get really upset about not eating, but water its just a matter of hours until the thirst kicks in, and when there’s no water around there’s no limit to how much money you can ask for a bottle of water.


So What to Do?


Simple, Store water!!

Water has to be the most overlooked supply when it comes to survival and preparedness. People just take it for granted, that is, until they don’t have it any more. Filters, tablets, its all ok, but you need actual water stored. Barrels, cases of water, jugs, even refilled soda bottles its all good. In fact, the smaller bottles tend to be handier for general use.

Reliance Products Aqua-Tainer 7 Gallon Rigid Water Container




Reliance Products Aqua-Tainer 7 Gallon Rigid Water Container $17.95

How much water you should store depends on a simple question: How long would you like to live if there’s no water to be found? In general, a gallon per person per day is the recommended standard. I would suggest having at least two week worth of water, more obviously being better. You can add a drop or two of bleach per liter before storing, but it may not be necessary. As long as the water is away from sunlight you shouldn’t have any algae problems. Try rotating once a year to avoid nasty plastic taste.


In terms of purifying water (when possible) besides filters it’s a very good idea to have bleach as well. It can be used to make water safe, and it can be used for general cleaning, something of importance given the recent problems with Ebola and the concerns of a pandemic.

What I suggest doing is getting bleach tablets such as these:

Magichem Bleach Tabs (makes 10 gallons of bleach per card- 4 cards per order)





Magichem Bleach Tabs (makes 10 gallons of bleach per card- 4 cards per order) $24.95


These are very compact, practical, take up very little space, and unlike bottles of liquid bleach, they do not lose power until combined with water into liquid bleach. They are usually not very expensive either, and they will store well for years, ready to be turned into fresh bleach when combined with water.


Prepper Recon Interview


Hey guys, here’s the link to the interview I did with Mark Goodwin from Prepper Recon.

Mark is the author of The Economic Collapse Chronicles.




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