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Contact Me — 3 Comments

  1. I’M convinced that in the next collapse and or WWIII situation, mobility will be the order of the day however not necessary by land rather by sea for many see water as an impediment I see it as an avenue out. In saying this I have purchased two large sailing vessels in British Columbia and have prepared them with the necessary supplies, trained two crew those who wish to join us all these preparations are of course to bug out if need be God forbid. What is your thoughts on this and what of British Columbia as a bug out point and or survival retreat? Let me know? Thank you

    • I’ve been finding aquatic options more & more interesting. Would you mind posting or e-mailing some how-to knowledge on the matter? I don’t understand much about sailing or about survival on the water. If not, could you suggest somewhere to find things that start from the ground up? A lot of stuff just doesn’t explain the background & that stuff’s usually pretty important.

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