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Largest folding knife?
September 12, 2011 - 7:04 pm
Member Since: August 10, 2011
Forum Posts: 102

Hey gang - what is the largest folding knife you know of, specifically in regard to blade length?  The Cold Steel Espada comes in at 7.5". 


What other knives are there?

September 13, 2011 - 7:31 am
Member Since: September 5, 2011
Forum Posts: 73

I have seen several oversized (display?) more or less historical folding knives, you know, several feet long. I would consider most of those less than practical for modern every day carry though. I do have an old style 8 and 12 inch navaja, but those I do not carry, because replacement would be non-existent. I guess I got a little sentimental there, just for safe keeping anymore… if you want pictures, I suggest going to google images and typing "navaja albacete" there or something.


I had the large Cold Steel Voyager in my pocket(s) for years, but should I carry any bigger blade, it usually is a fixed one. It is pretty similar to the one I seen Mr. FerFAL post on the forums, I'll go find it and post a picture wink


So I just have to ask: What would be the intended purpose for a large folding knife, that would be bigger than the ones what let us say Cold Steel has on offer?


Edit: Here is my slightly modified, used, abused and still shaving sharp "little" folder. I am six feet and do not feel 6 inch blade is too small for most purposes I can think of, and the handle gives it a longer reach than a resonably regular six inch fixed blade would, as the total lenght is a tad over 13 inches. That is about equal to an eight inch blade on a fixed knife I think. Still light enough to carry in my back pocket without any discomfort :)

September 13, 2011 - 8:23 am
Member Since: September 5, 2011
Forum Posts: 73

Just went to Cold Steel site to check that Espada outlines out. Did not straight out like it. Would have to take it to a grinder/sander and make it "smoother", like my Voyager. I am pretty sure of that even without having the pleasure to hold one in my hand first :)


Edit: While babbling, I forgot to touch the actual question of this thread:

I do not know any modern - still in production - folding knife larger than the Espada that I would consider practical to carry either, even with minor modifications. If someone had a suggestion, I would be very interested to read that as well cool

September 13, 2011 - 11:21 am
Member Since: August 10, 2011
Forum Posts: 102

Thanks NB!  My purpose in having a large folder is for self-defense.  One of my lessons in a knife-fighting class I took was that the longer the reach, the better. I distincly remember wishing I had had a sword while my instructor was tearing me up (figuratively speaking) with a training knife.  There is no lenght restriction on folders where I live, and they can be carried concealed so that's what sparked my interest.


So yeah I'm going for the largest practical carry knife.   It looks like Cold Steel is the only one making long bladed folders but I wanted to know if you gurus knew of any other knife maker who did as well.

September 13, 2011 - 12:13 pm
Member Since: September 5, 2011
Forum Posts: 73

If you have the cash, just find a custom knife maker and get one made! Do not know any commercial really really big folder maker. The ones I have seen are mostly theatrical chinese remakes of old classics, weird fantacy stuff from resellers of all sorts of dime stuff for tenner, I would not carry those.

In my opinion the largest practical knife is the one you can and will carry with you and use on every day tasks ;)

As in I like to have something that I can use to cut bread and salami to make lunch at the park without having people freak out too much…

For me, my extra large Voyager is up there. Much bigger and it would fall out the back pocket of my jeans for the simple reason that the clip would be too far away to grab any fabric to hold. Much bigger and it would clonk on things when bending forward and sitting down with the folder in the front pocket. With regular pants, on a six foot guy. If I have to make a seath for it for belt carry, I would rather just carry a solid fixed blade. When on "liberal grounds" on more urban area, I carry non-reflective four inch folder or so. I have no plans attending fencing classes with it either though, especially if I had a big bowie or something, but for every day use, those "regular folders" work fine.

And if I have to put it in my bag to lug it around… not practical. If I lug around a backbag, a 10 inch and longer blade fits there just fine. That is about the longest I carry (relatively) comfortably on my belt all day too, social atmosphere permitting, of course. One sample would be Ontario RTAK-II that I lug around when I think a full size 18" machete would be too big. But that is personal preference, some like more specialiced "fighting knives". But if I can not make camp with it, I do not think it as practical, and most swords suck at carving gnomes out of blocks of wood too, that I can still do with my RTAK or regular machete confused


Have to say here though, talking about self defence… if someone pulled out a two foot folder and started twirling it in front of me, moving towards me… I might shoot that someone and not even touch my folder. And if I was holding my puny four inch blade in my hand already within close distance, someone might have about a dozen puncture wounds airing their lungs before getting their first eight twirled in the air cool


Regardless, I did look around online for that Espada, and could get it about hundred bucks cheaper from resellers like knifecenter dot com. Still, a little too much for me to just go and get it and try what it can do. I might wait until one can get it for fifty or sixty wink


Edit: Forgot to mention that one can get pretty good deals on amazon dot com too on these, with a little browsing. Amazon is good because they are easy on returns, ie. you could get one, hold it in your hand and if you decide you do not like it, just return it. I returned a few things and it was never a problem, always smooth, unlike quite a few other places that send you stuff through mail. For a large folder I think that any Cold Steel that fits your wallet is a pretty good deal even with close full price though, and I believe we have people here who might agree on that :-D

September 27, 2011 - 12:57 pm
Member Since: August 10, 2011
Forum Posts: 102

Update: I got the Voyager.  Man is this thing huge.  Not just a long blade (5.5"), but a big "wide" blade.  Surprisingly the whole thing is pretty light:


September 29, 2011 - 12:45 pm
Member Since: September 5, 2011
Forum Posts: 73

Cool. Find a nice two by four to try that new folder out yet?


I am silly like that. I get a new knife and I just have to see how I can chop a little gnome out of a piece of wood, on my couch.  Woodchips all over the carpet, and some dozen half an inch pieces of para cord or something. My wife likes it when I get a new knife too cool

February 1, 2012 - 9:50 am
Member Since: December 18, 2011
Forum Posts: 27

I just ordered the Cold Steel Spartan.

Hear some say it's fairly large.

February 26, 2012 - 8:50 pm
Member Since: August 25, 2010
Forum Posts: 1438

Update: I got the Voyager.  Man is this thing huge.  Not just a long blade (5.5"), but a big "wide" blade.  Surprisingly the whole thing is pretty light:


Nice. The biggest one I know of is the Cold Steel Espada, but it goes well into the foling sword in the pocket category, not easy to carry all ay long.

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  38. One of the most ridiculous things about prepper fiction is the inevitable scene where the protagonist pulls out a roll of silver quarters to impress his new lady friend. The prepper/protagonist is, of course, too gentlemanly/bashful to describe the next scene, but the heavy implication is always that the ladyfriend immediately drops to her knees to start blowing him.

  39. While I agree that Glocks are reliable, modular, and cheap. Saying that the HK .45CT is prone to breakage, or not durable, is silly. I've owned multiple Glocks and multiple HKs. HKs are notoriously more durable than any pistol I'm aware of. Reliability-wise, for the short haul, the two are fairly even; though I'd still give the nod to HK. The HK .45 mags are expensive. But why not compare the 9mm to 9mm? For a few dollars more,you get steel mags. I would put the HK USP or the new models against any handgun out there. There is a reason they're more expensive.

    • The USP series is one of the most durable handguns out there.
      The modern versions even more so.

      The USP was designed as a .40 to begin with unlike the Glocks, then converted to 9mm and .45, its built to handle pressures and abuse that few other pistols can tolerate. At least one .40 USP was converted to 10mm, something that no Glock can handle.

      That being said, H&K doesn't have the same support as Glock, spare parts are few and far between, hopefully that will change with the VP9 pistols. Not that they are needed often, but when its a matter of getting your primary defensive gun back online that is a consideration.

      One has to consider the totality of the circumstances, and while the P30 and HK45 have blown the Glocks away in some of the independent testing, they stil cost twice as much and have less aftermarket gear available.

      As much as I like the USP compacts, the 9mm is about as friendly a gun as one can want, the G19 does tuck away just a little easier and has unparalleled support.

      The H&Ks are an excellent choice, just like the Steyr M9A1 and Glocks.

  40. I've got a Gen 1 17 and a Gen 4 19. Except for the two mags that came with the 19, all my mags are the 17 shell that will fit both Glocks. The 19 has a little less recoil and is easier to conceal, but otherwise the main difference is where my trigger finger rests on the take-down lugs. The 19 has a slightly softer trigger, but the two feel enough the same that it really doesn't matter which one I grab.

  41. Ferfal, I listened carefully to your video on charlie hebdo. Actually charlie is not the name of a guy but that of the magazine in which several cartoonists worked. There is a tradition in France actually that goes back to the french revolution of hating religion and clergy. It is called "bouffer du curé" litterally "to eat priests" The people who indulge in that think of themselves as rational, undeluded and smarter-in a way superior to those they insult. It is also widely tolerated and quite common among the average guy. In the same way they will insult the military because they are considered conservative and authoritarian.
    Actually, during the french revolution they would tie up a priest and a nun together with ropes so they could not swim and throw them into the see or a river.
    I live in France and I am a spiritual person but it is very hard here to talk about God or beliefs. Did you know the french also forbid the wearing of the scarf for mulsim women. Anyway, that might explain charlie hebdo's drawings because in the eyes of the french society, these people are fighting against religious bigotry and narrow mindedness of the clergy and the army and they (the cartoonists) probably did it because it made them feel good about themselves. But their newspaper didn't sell very well and they were always on the verge of bankruptcy. Also they were fighting among themselves and several of them split away to go to other media

    • Thanks, that was interesting. Yes, I knew they didnt sell well, maybe that's the reason why they always went with insults so as to make the headlines.

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