Book Review: Bugging Out & Relocating


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I did two video reviews of my new book “Bugging Out & Relocating”. I first did a longer video, going into more detail. I believe it turned out well and I made some points you may find interesting but then again its a 40 minute video so I did a shorter version as well.
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Survival Movie Review: GoodBye World


Goodbye World is not a very good movie (IMDb rating 5.5/10) but if you can catch it on Netflix or elsewhere its not that awful either. Dont expect much action or shooting in spite of the epic looking cover, there’s practically none of it.

While there’s lots to be desired in terms of movie quality, most of all the script and bland story development, there are a few points worth noticing about how the group fares after the world seems to officially end :
1)People are all different and there’s some friction between the different character, given their personal views. Even in a hand-picked survivalist group you would see far worse conflict and clashes of personalities, some of it violent even.Keep in mind that most homicides are perpetrated by family or friends.


2)Other than the little girl, we’re looking at a group of young, fit, healthy and overall smart people. If you pick ten random people from society, from any country, you wont be that lucky. In spite of the overall liberal/hippie mentality of the group, you have a “prepper/self reliant type”, a tech guy, a gov. official with insiders knowledge who also happens to be an eagle scout.


3)The bearded character has a house with plenty of supplies, solar, well, etc. The weak spot being his anti-gun mentality, other than that he’s got a nice amount of supplies. Granted, safety is a key priority, but he’s still better prepared than most. Benjamin (conspiracy guy) actually carries around as EDC a Leatherman Wave. That alone makes him better prepared than 99% of people out there.


4)The “no one will bother us so far up the hill” mentality proves to be wrong, as it would in reality, and the same lady that sells items at pre-SHTF prices to her neighbor because she says she wouldn’t take advantage of the situation, a few days later she’s along with the group that is willing to steal medicines and supplies from that same neighbor. That’s a good message right there. You may think everyone will play nice because they do so now, but when desperate enough even your long time good neighbors will come after you.


5)The self-reliant, salt of the earth country guy living down the road is actually all about cooking meth. Again, feel-good idea about all country people being good and everyone from the city being evil and lazy just isn’t true. You’ve got all sorts of people in different places. Meth labs and pot farms are more often than not found in the country.


6) While some may frown at the use drugs and heavy drinking, it is part of society and a lot of people do so or worse. There’s plenty of people out there that are just as addicted to prescription drugs. Drug abuse of legal or illegal drugs will become a problem for a lot of people after SHTF.


7)There’s some promiscuous behavior in the movie, again, much worse happens in the real world. At least the girl sleeping around was clearly more than twenty years old. Plenty of girls do much worse and aren’t even old enough to drive. With social collapse, expect moral collapse as well.


8)Safety concerns are greatly underestimated and in the movie, it was very much PG-13 safe. In reality what would have happened during the first encounter with “hostiles” would have been far worse than that. Its very naïve to think that quoting the constitution magically stops a couple sociopaths with ARs.


9)At the end the message that we all have to work together is a positive one, and I agree that no man (or group) is an island. Reality shows us time and again that a man alone or even survivalist groups, no matter how tactical they think they are, have 0 chance of long term success when surrounded by a hostiles. You can win a fight or two, but shooting raiders and living to fight another day is no long (or medium) term solution.


10)The eco-friendly prepper/self-reliant guy suffers the lack of defensive preparations, as it would happen in the real world (again, watered down compared to how it would happen in reality)


Overall an average movie that shows a few interesting aspects about group survival, even if it’s a PG-13 version of what would happen for real, where violence would have been worse than rated R.



Water “Generator” & Spending your money Wisely

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Hope this email finds you well. I haven’t been to your blog much recently- working a lot. I noticed you had a couple of posts about the water situation in Ohio I think it was.

I just wanted to pass this along in case you hadn’t seen it. I have only seen this from ads, so I don’t have any direct experience. But it seems interesting.

It is a machine that condenses drinking water from the air. It says it can do up to 8 gallons a day. I had seen ads for it before, and thought it seemed kind of impractical. But having seen several instances of now of communities having electricity, but no water, I am starting to wonder if it might be useful.

- Jason



Hey Jason, thanks for your email.

The gadget in the link costs 1,600 USd, I found another one from the same company in Amazon that sells for 1,100 USd, but before anyone jump into buying a “water generator” lets think about this for a second.

EcoloBlue 28 Atmospheric Water Generator

Whenever we spend our hard earned money we should always ask ourselves a few basic questions. The first one I usually ask myself is do I really need this. In terms of preparedness there are a few “essential” items. We all need water and food, sure enough. Buying a good gun, supplies, having a reliable vehicle and quality gear, it all makes sense.  We understand the essentials, the “must haves” but also the “nice to haves” and the “waste of money”.  I’m no water expert but I do know basic physics and to me “water generator” sounds like a sales gimmick. Maybe there’s some new technology that I’m not aware of but to me this sounds like a glorified air dehumidifier, which in Amazon costs around 224 bucks if you want to get a cheaper “water generator”, and many of you probably own one already.


I think you should have water stored, as explained in previous posts, its readily available and you can store literally tons of it for free. I believe you should have a good filter, one like the one our sponsor the Berkey Guy sells would do nicely. I believe you should have bleach to make water safe to drink as well as back up. Now, buying a “water generator”? Again, maybe I’m missing the point, but to me it sounds like an awful waste of money. Money that could be better spent elsewhere, maybe having an actual water well dug, or just saving it up for a rainy day. Sixteen hundred bucks buys you a lot of peace of mind when things get tough, at the very least, putting it in gold and silver, or keeping it in cash, sounds like a better idea if you ask me.

We have to be smart about preparedness people. Not only how we spend our money, but how we spend our time as well. There’s so much junk floating around, the internet is full of fear mongering nonsense disguised as preparedness, just reading it is a waste of your precious time, at the very least, or in the worst case, its depressing and even downright harmful.

Be smart about how you spend your time, and money.

Take care folks,



More on Grey Man Philosophy


This is a follow up video of“Gray Man Philosophy”. It’s a bit long but I go over some of the comments made in the first video and various points you may find useful about Gray man, preparedness and mindset are brought up.


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