Prepper Myth#4: WROL (Without Rule of Law)


Dogo Argentino saves 2 Girls from Puma Attack


This is why I often recommend the Dogo Argentino, especially for those that live close to parks and other places where dangerous wildlife may be a factor.

It is both funny and sad to see so many ignorant comments in this youtube video. People clearly don’t know the first thing about this animal and the owners of this particular dog. The Nores, the family in the video, are the

family that originally created the Dogo Argentino. They constantly hunt with their Dogos, killing wild boar and pumas. Dogos are used in packs to hunt but its not unusual that a Dogo Argentino kills a large predator one on one. I’ve written in the past about many accounts where Dogos have even killed criminals, even after getting shot and dying later because of the injuries.

Wonderful animals. I believe there are several Dogo Argentino shelters in many US States. Look around if you want the best dog a person can ever own and you have the experience of dealing with strong, working animals.

The following video shows why the Dogo Argentino is so effective when it attacks, it goes to the throat or neck and doesn’t let go (*warning*, very violent clip ) LINK


The Survival Retreat During War


Burt Gummer said…

    If you read Selco’s SHTF Survival Course you will learn that in the Balkan civil war it was better to be rural and not stuck in besieged urban hell holes.

    I think it all depends on the scenario that plays out; I’ll take my chances in rural America verses Urban or Suburban America. I believe the Georgia Guide-stones proves they want to kill Millions, and it will be easier for them to start where the people are most concentrated.




Hi Burt Gummer,


I don’t think it qualifies as civil war when a neighboring county invades another and goes for clear ethnic cleansing and massacring innocent people.


A rural retreat didn’t provide any degree of safety when the Serbian army came rolling down the street or Scorprions (Serbian paramilitary) had your home surrounded.


Selco doesnt explain where he was located and what side of the conflict he was in. That’s key to understanding his situation, what worked for him and why. If I want to learn about survival from someone that went through WWII in Germany, a Nazi soldier will have a pretty different perspective from that of a Jew. In the case of the Yugoslav Wars it’s the same thing because it was anethnic conflict. If he’s Chetnik his situation is VERY different from his Bosniak neighbor right next door, who by all accounts had a big chance of ending up executed in most brutal fashion. What we do know is that while in Sarajevo you lived sieged for three years without running water and sporadic electric power at best, with the UN not letting you leave the city and Serbs shelling and sniping you, if you were outside the sieged city you were likely to end up crucified, executed, in a concentration camp or a rape house. It was in the country and smaller towns where some of the worse massacres took place (Foča massacres, Srebrenica massacre, massacres inZvornik and Cerska). Hundreds of the smaller villages around Srebrenica and other small cities had been wiped out even before the actual Srebrenica massacre:




More than three years before the 1995 Srebrenica genocide, Bosnian Serb nationalists – with the logistical, moral and financial support of Serbia and the Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) – destroyed 296 predominantly Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) villages in the region around Srebrenica, forcibly uprooting some 70,000 Bosniaks from their homes and systematically massacring at least 3,166 Bosniaks (documented deaths) including many women, children and elderly.





This is from IFAD, a specialized agency of the United Nations:



The collapse of the former socialist system and the war that followed led to physical and socio-economic devastation and loss of employment. Rural people fled to urban areas for security and survival. When the war ended many returned to the countryside and to subsistence farming to escape poverty. At present about half of the rural population relies on agriculture for a livelihood. However, the lack of employment opportunities in rural areas is hindering economic revival and could lead to another exodus to cities and towns.


The widespread poverty in Bosnia-Herzegovina is largely an outcome of the war and the difficult transition of a former communist state to a market economy. The four-year war caused extensive damage and led to high unemployment. Farmers lost 50 to 60 per cent of their assets and 90 per cent of their livestock. Buildings were ruined and water and electrical power facilities destroyed.

Immediate reconstruction efforts after the war focused largely on urban areas. Despite the fact that many turned to farming to make a living after the war, in 2005 only half of the arable land was under cultivation, often because state-owned land was awaiting privatization or because most of the arable land is poorly irrigated, lacks flood protection or is infested with land mines.





Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to be stuck in Sarajevo either and live under constant shelling and sniper fire but if there’s something you can learn from the Bosnian war and other similar conflicts is that the best, smartest thing to do is to get the hell out of there entirely!


You are right about all depending on the scenario that plays out. Being in WWII London while Nazis drop bombs over your head makes a strong case for living outside the city, then again getting caught in Holodomor (1932 – 1933) or the Irish Genocide (1845-1852) with farmers being pushed to eating their own dead children shows the horrors of living in the country during a worst case scenarios.




    I just finished reading a very powerful book about the soviet caused famine in Ukraine in the 1930′s called “Execution by Hunger” by Miron Dolot.

    As you’ve pointed out in the past, living on a rural farm can be a death sentence. The government took all of the food and rationed it to those in the cities. The rural farmers were forced to starve. Communists literally searched farm houses again and again while the farmers lay nearby dying. The soviets wanted to make absolutely sure they punished supposed food hoarders.

    The men were mostly taken away to prisons. The women and children were not allowed to work, buy food or fuel, emigrate. Even wild game was declared off limits and hunted by government officials to punish the farmers. The communists literally took every choice but starvation away from the people.




Hi Y.G.


Indeed, about 7 million people where starved to death. If anyone feels like getting a taste of what a worst case scenario looks like for farmers, or you feel like ruining your day,  just google “Holodomor” and click on images.




The Evil Business of Scaring People

I’ve been involved in modern survival and disaster preparedness for some time now and I’ve learned a thing or two. One of the things I’ve learned is 10 years. Ten years seem to be the standard to go by according to fear mongers. Happens today, happened 200 years ago.
Paul R. Ehrlich, Bing Professor of Population Studies in the department of Biological Sciences at Stanford University and president of Stanford’s Center for Conservation Biology says in his book, The Population Bomb,  that 1/5 of humanity will starve to death due to overpopulation in 10 years. Fortunately for us, Mr. Ehrlich claims were made in 1968 and the end of the world was supposed to take place by the end of the 70’s. You’d think that making such blatant claims and using fear tactics that turned out to be completely false would at least put a dent on someone’s academic reputation. You’d think so, but you’d be wrong.  Ehrlich won many prestigious prizes and awards for his (wrong) overpopulation research and continues to spread the word on the dangers of overpopulation and by default the wisdom behind population, resource control and exterminating the less productive members of society. 50 years later Ehrlich keeps ranting about overpopulation, topic in which he’s considered an expert, and was on the board of advisers of the Federation for American Immigration Reform until 2003.
Before him in 1798, Anglican Reverend Thomas Robert Malthuspublished the Principle of Population. Now Malthus was a visionary fear monger for his time, and added another 0 to the 10 year “end of the world” cycle, claiming the world population would be starving to death by 1890. Hey, if the world was supposed to end in 100 years at least he wouldn’t be around when his theory proved to be utter nonsense. Reverend Malthus was upset about the low infant mortality rates among the poor and interesting enough for a self-claimed Christian and a reverent at that, he recommended the murder of poor people, which like Ehrlich he considered the least productive members of society so as to solve the overpopulation problem. According to Malthus population had to be controlled through what he called “positive checks”, starvation and war, and “preventive checks”, abortion, birth control, prostitution (nice for a so called Reverend) and banning the poor from having children.
As we see, experts, scientists and royalty publishing academic papers which explain why we should live in fear and surrender our liberty so as to ensure the survival of the human race isn’t anything new. From reality TV hosts to self-claimed experts and prestigious university professors with an agenda we’ve been hearing the same old story time and again. Limited resources exist, that much is true. But it is also true that there are such things as renewable resources, and that industrial and agricultural processes are constantly being upgraded and improved so as to both recycle non-renewable ones and use them more efficiently. Technology has always been key to the survival of the human race and it constantly keeps surpassing our imagination. Technology is the reason why the human race will not only not become extinct, but keep improving its life quality. In spite of the ever growing population, in spite of the stream of fatalism coming from experts, there’s never been more wealth and more food produced. We’ve reached the point where there’s so much food being produced, we could end world hunger today. We just choose to throw half the food we produce, and we choose to throw 10 pounds of grain into an animal to produce 1 pound of meat only to then process that meat in such a way that it causes illnesses that would have been avoided had we eaten just 1 pound of those vegetable foods in the first place. Wars and large scale social disasters such as poverty aren’t accidental, they are deliberately perpetrated by people such as our friend reverend Thomas Robert Malthus that seek to control populations through fear and economic oppression. 
There’s always something out there that can be used to scare us. For all we know a meteor can destroy the city you live in right now given that 10% of the near-Earth objects larger than 1 km go undetected. How about dropping dead this very second due to a stroke or heart failure? Happens by the thousands every hour. If we want to live in fear (or depressed) there’s plenty of excuses for both. I learned not to waste my life that way, and I recommend you do the same.
If its not a meteor or overpopulation its some other thing. Some may be more probable than others but you clearly get the idea going on: Obsessing over dramatic stuff, some so unlikely that its laughable, often fully overlooking the real problems that should be addressed rather urgently. 
I love modern survival studies. I find it fascinating, all the different aspects of it, from the skills to be learned to the new gear that comes out, shooting, being outdoors, being indoors and doing research or studying history and social behavior. If I worked in an architecture firm all day long, this would still be what I would be doing with my free time. But that’s me. If you on the other hand cant avoid feeling depressed or paranoid then just don’t do it. Stop right now because it simply isn’t worth it. Pick up golf or something.
 Every day you and I have is a precious blessing and I at least won’t waste my time being paranoid and living in fear. Instead of worrying like crazy all day, do something about the things that are more likely to happen and you can prepare for but even more important than that, enjoy whatever it is that you do with your life.
Modern survivalism and preparing for emergencies does not mean you stop living, hiding from society, even from your own family. Becoming a paranoid doomsday kind of prepper ruins people’s lives, ruins families and leaves people broke. Enjoying life, having a clear understanding of your priorities, the real issues that you should address for sane, sensible preparedness, now that’s something that will both give you joy and leave you much better prepared for whatever life throws your way.
Have a great weekend people.

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