Today’s Headlines: Ebola and Solar Storms

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Here in Ireland the aurora borealis is a sight worth seeing. Last year when I first noticed it I was captivated by the mystical green color in the night sky and today I’ll probably stay up until midnight in hope of catching another glimpse.
The aurora borealis also has a less attractive side to it. It’s basically the consequence of a solar storm or coronal mass ejection. These can disrupt radio transmissions and cause damage to satellites and electrical transmission line facilities. In a worst case scenario, these can result in massive and long-lasting power outages in some areas.

CNN’s main page is dedicated to solar storms and how it may affect the power grids, GPS, radios and satellites.

In the case of Fox News, the main article is about Ebola and how mutations may end up in an even worse epidemic. If the virus becomes airborne we are suddenly talking about a much greater threat than it already is. With such high mortality rate and no vaccine on the horizon the consequences of such a global pandemic could be disastrous.
As always, I recommend caution and common sense, but these are the headlines today and it would be unwise to not acknowledge ongoing events and potential threats.
What can you do?

Prepare, as always.

By now most of you should be well prepared regarding essential supplies, which would come into play in both events mentioned. I’m talking about plenty of long shelf life food, plenty of stored water, means of cooking, lanterns and flashlights, batteries, first aid kit and medical supplies and a firearm for self-defense.
In the case of a disruptive coronal mass ejection we are looking at sensitive electronics getting fried and having to be ready to bug in and deal with power outages.
In the case of Ebola, it would also be advised to bug in, stay put and avoid contact with people until the risk of contagion is significantly reduced. In a worst case scenario this could mean bugging in for months at a time, so long term food supplies are essential as well as hygiene and medical supplies.

New Wallet and some Security Tips


WASP Injector Knife

In the words of Crocodile Dundee, “That’s not a knife, THIS is a knife!” C02 delivery system in a knife.  Only problem with sharks is if they attack, you generally don’t know it until after a bite has been taken out
Hi J,
I’ve heard about the WASP knife before. I believe it was intended as an anti-shark divers knife. The idea was that once you stabbed the shark, by pressing a button on the handle you release a CO2 charge that injects through the blade, causing severe damage to the animal. You’d need a pretty clean stab, and that shark would have to stay awfully still while you press the button… There’s some videos floating around in YouTube, I guess I wouldn’t want to be stabbed with that thing and injected with CO2, but then again getting stabbed with anything is a bad idea in general.
The WASP costs 500 USd, and other than injecting CO2 its not a particularly good blade from an utility perspective nor is it that good a defensive blade either (other than the shark killing injection concept).
Let me know what you guys think in the comments below, but I think there’s lots of better things in which you can spend that kind of money (unless you need to blow up sharks, of course)

Scotland Independence, Media Propaganda and Project Fear


What could happen if Scotland becomes an independent country? These could well be historic moments in which a new country, and potentially one of the richest ones in the world, may be formed. I believe that a free, independent Scotland would be better for Scotland, but also for England and Ireland as well. In the end, the choice will be for the Scottish to make and it is very interesting to see the different opinions.

Below is an excellent video explanation of media bias and public opinion manipulation.

I have noticed it before of course many times. You can hardly find an independent media outlet these days, but the following video explains and dissects several of the media tactics used against the Scotland Independence campaign by the “Better Together” campaign, privately called “Project Fear” among campaigners.

These media tactics are used daily and watching the following video will help you identify them better. You’ll see them being used in most TV channels in most countries depending on the agenda they have.

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